29 September 2011

Banana Republic Shipping to Brazil

To my suprise Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and Piperlime are now shipping their stuffs to Brazil!. That´s a great news. My shopping options getting bigger.

23 September 2011

Brazilian Style

With evocative photography and fast-paced texts by W magazine editor Armand Limnander, Brazilian Style is a curated tour of the most important symbols of modern and traditional Brazil. A fresh and dynamic mix, capturing the culture of one of the most vibrant nations on earth.

A book recommendation for those who desire to know the Brazilian Style.

21 September 2011

Summer White Dress

The freshest basic color you can have for summer is no other than white. It makes you feel the cleanest and the most conservative. I first use this dress for the 2009 New Year´s party at home. Originally haltered but recently had it altered to make it have that simple spaghetti strap. Call it shopping escape - when you feel like buying something new and then you have this piece in your closet that´s just hanging there, alteration or transformation of that piece will satisfy your shopping cravings. Inspired by Red by Valentino, featuring the "new" white dress.

The photo shoot took place in one of the eucalyptus plantation in our area. Some huge land owners opt to plant eucalyptus than coffee. Eucalyptus doesn´t need daily care unlike coffee. You plant today, 5 years later it will give you the money less of the day to day hassle of taking care of it. One of the best locations I had so far. Lovely place.

renner dep´t store dress dumond wedge riachuelo chandelier earrings vintage bag

the inspiration for the alteration of the dress. red, valentino´s sister line.

19 September 2011

Short Shorts and Crochet Vest

This is my interpretation of a girly way of wearing a denim shorts. Pairing it with a lingerie thrown with a crochet vest over. Completing the ensemble with a wedge. Not all girls have the courage to wear denim shorts. Unless she is the boyish, athletic or wants to try fashion type, she wouldn´t wear it. For me it´s just a matter of balance. If you are so much in touch with your femininity, grabbing that girly top and accessories can pave your way to loving denim shorts.

Hey, denim shorts is my favorite kind of bottom during hot season. Got several pairs in my closet and I´ll be making several posts on how I wear them.

took photos on a "major" road,  the most familiar to me as this road takes me to Espirito Santo do Pinal where we do almost all our daily transactions (banks, groceries, doctors, shopping, work etc.) 14 km. long, 15-minute drive.

hering shorts estaƧao 2000 crochet vest thrifted lingerie top necklace&bracelets mom´s closet vintage wedge

"baby! a car is coming"...since it´s a major road we had to give way several times.

one of the big farms along the road. see the greens? they are mostly coffee.

this way please. going back to Albertina.

Homemade Fruit Jam

Aren´t they sweet? Literally sweet because of the great deal of sugar in it and the sweetness of living a simple life. These fruits are just falling on the ground from our garden and the neighborhood´s. Blackberries and oranges are fruits in season that you can get it here for free. Since we love fruit jam spread on our bread and crackers I decided to give jam making a try. Viola! Sweet fruit jams on our table for a month of consumption. Bestowed with a little creativity, these spread catch attention at the kitchen. Cute packaging.

 oranges pesonally picked by the author from her mom in-law´s garden

orange jam this much needed 10 peeled oranges, 3 cups (240ml) of sugar and 1.5 cups of water (240ml).

 they call it "amora" in portuguese. blackberries are very common in south america. freshly-picked by the husband from our client´s farm. they are sweet!

black berry jam. this size contain 5 cups of blackberries, 3 cups of sugar and 1.5 cups pf water.

Procedure (both jams)

1. boil the fruits in water until tender. around 30 mins
2. mix the sugar to the fruit mixture.
3. simmer until thickened. don´t overdo simmering as the jam will get chewy if overdone. I had mine for 15 minutes on medium fire.

When I get to the the Philippines I´ll do this for my Dad. He loves fruit jam for breakfast spread on pandesal or american bread or as dessert every meal mixing it on rice.

18 September 2011

Signature Hair

I´ve had my second and most probably the last haircut or rather trim for the year. Four inches was taken away and layers were kind of emphasized in front. The bangs was chopped off a bit short and was supposed to go side swept but as my hair is so straight it doesn´t want to go on the side obstructing my sight. Deep hydration was also done enhancing its colour. Ultimately, am another happy client of Ms. Cassia, the stylist who has been taking care of my hair needs since I arrived in Brazil. I´ve been sporting this hairstyle since 4th yr college and as far as I can remember, I only cut it off shoulder length once in that duration. So it´s been 10 yrs with this hairstyle and I would say it is already Cecille´s signature hair - black, long, shiny and straight.

Though long, my hair is such a low-maintenance type. How I take care of my hair on a daily basis on this post.

thrifted skirt and blouse (0800) tabita sandals bracelets from mom´s closet belt curtume

i love the discreet sheer on this top.

in my effort to express color blocking trend, i combined dark coral top and turquoise skirt 

16 September 2011

Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn 1 Official Trailer

Am not a fan of first three Twiglight Saga but when I saw this 2nd official trailer of the Breaking Dawn 1 it´s like I got excited for the movie. Wondering how Jacob will react to Bella and Edwards marriage followed by a baby. How is it like to have a baby with a vampire? The honeymoon part was shot in Rio de Jainero. This is gonna be an exciting movie. Two more months and the movie will be released internationally, 18 November 2011. See you at the theaters. Am watching it myself. 

New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

The 8-day New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 has just ended. The collection were howling this season. Each one has their own favorite but if you´re gonna ask me, I´d vote for Oscar dela Renta, Jenny Packman, J.Crew and Marc Jacobs. The NYFW is one of the shows that set international trends. So what were the dominating trend from the recently concluded New York Fashion Show? See photos after the jump.

1. Colours of YELLOW and ORANGE are of greater quantity in the collection.

2. TAIL HEMs are surely be visible in 2012.

3. LACE will continue as inpired by 60s.

 4. WHITE SHEER to surface on top of the current black sheer.

14 September 2011

Mixing Prints - J.Crew NYFW Spring 2012

Love it how J.Crew Spring 2012 mixed prints in its collection. It showed an endless possibility on mixing different prints in an ensemble. Two to three prints in one outfit that complements and clean-looking still.

bold color stripes and polka dot sheer top

 paisley, red nautical stripe and leopard print

paisley ladylike skirt with stripe top

08 September 2011

Independence Day Brazil

It was a national holiday in Brazil yesterday, September 7 as the nation celebrated its 189th  Independence day from Portuguese colonization. Aside from restaurants, everything was closed including the gyms. Off we went to Fratello, an italian resto (I would say the best in Pinhal) with our new neighbor to celebrate the night.

 my backdrop is the old Centro of  Espirito Santo Do Pinhal. Today, it´s the street where I usually go shopping. donned a very simple outfit for the night. first ensemble with the white v-neck shirt (posted here) paired with a dark tailored pants, red flats, red nails, brown belt and maxi necklace.

new drink discovery - chopp (draft beer) mixed with sweet red wine. drinking beer doesn´t have to be bitter.

fratello´s famous pizza. 4-flavored pizza of your choice. this italian resto is a place to bring your guests. surely you wouldn´t get frustrated. 5 stars i would rate them. 

tallarin ao pesto. a pasta you can pair your pizza with. fratello has a variety of pasta in their menu. one of my favorite pasta that reminds of my cousin Shaiyne and our date nights in UP Kiss Cafe in the Philippines.

05 September 2011

Drooling : Technomarine Watch

A watch that your pocket won´t resist if it is capable of splurging. Technomarine watch in gold with black straps. For your casual day to day wear or corporate ensemble accessory. Drool.

04 September 2011


Two kinds of pins that you might have neglected having them in your closet. Safety pins in different sizes will save you through dress disasters. Sometimes when you are about to go to an event then suddenly your dress got a problem. You can grab safety pins for a quick fix. I suggest having it in different sizes. Hair pins on the other hand is especially needed by ladies who need to put their hair in a bun or keep the bangs away from your face or some styling that you will need to keep the strands in place. Small stuffs with great value to everyone´s basic closet. Just a reminder.

Making Neutrals Pop

Lots of us are kind of afraid of adding bold colors to our neutral outfit. We always want to be safe. Safety then is achieved by wearing an all neutral outfit. This post has the intention of taking our doubts in adding accents (or making it all out) to our neutral rigs. The less risky nautical, khaki and olive, and stone and gray combined with non-neutral palettes making bold statement.

nautical duo (blue and white) will pop with  purple, kelly green, citron and fuschia

khaki and olive with pumpkin, pine, saffron, and wine

gray and stone with lavender, blush, sky peach and washed indigo

Photos courtesy of InStyle.

02 September 2011

V-Neck White Tee Ensemble

A deep neckline, fitted or unfitted to the body, a perfect V-neck white tee can bring you through casual or glamorous dressing. I was browsing google today to get inspiration for the white tee (as posted here) I purchased yesterday. Selected few photos after the jump. Expect several post with white tee this season. I´ll be creating ensemble or rather using that white shirt often. 


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