29 October 2010


I´ve been wondering why can´t I see any TABITA store around the region. Yes I´ve seen their products redistributed by shoe stores carrying different brands. But with their beautiful designs and variety of product why are they not putting up a store that carries just TABITA footwear like the way Dumond, Arezzo, Via Uno etc do. I had my first pair of tabita sandals last year, bought in a shoe store in Vargenhia, I just love them. In Pinhal, Cortume sells TABITA footwear but they don´t have the complete line. I´ve learned that this shoe brand has a manufacturing site in Rio Grande do Sul. They can produce 3,000 pairs per day with the distribution of 70% local (Brazil) and 30% European market. 39 years in shoe business. Their prices are just fair, around R$ 80-150 a pair.

Above are my picks from TABITA´s Summer 2011 Collection.

Sigh. Where can I find them?..hmmm...might as well try online shopping. Quite afraid doing it online. Like I need to try the shoe first if it fits me well in terms of size, color and design. My brazilian friends, please advise where can I get them.

23 October 2010

Birthday Party

Thadeu turned 15 yesterday and his family threw him an intimate party for closest friends. The party was held at celebrant´s house and called for a dress down look. The first look I had with the yellow regata shirt from Jacutinga.

gold gladiator sandals - Tabita
white bandeau - SM dept store
denim shorts - vintage shop in Pinas
camel belt - Cortume
gold hoops and bange set

For a bit of twist, knotted my belt and braided my hair.

My husband upon seeing the ensemble said.. ´the hue blends with your skintone very well` - made me SMILE.

My super funny husband.

22 October 2010

Make-Up Finish

Wondering how you can minimize your make-up retouch session? There exist this make-up finish to help prolong your make-up. Holds make-up by applying the spray before and after putting on your make-up.

Most of the time it is a big hassle carrying make-up bag at an event. The more the need to retouch when you´re on the height of partying. Saw it first last year with Ms. Cassia when we did my make-up for a ball. Bought it two weeks ago at Seduçao Pinhal. Thought it was expensive. Priced at R$14,60. Not bad. You can save more not retouching often compared to adding this product in your beauty need.

As I have observed this spray gives your make-up a matte finish.

Camel Belt

For the other part of the world, fall/winter season is up. Here in Brazil the season is spring/summer. The common thing, camel is trending.

Gone are the days when only cowboys wear this tan belts. Non-cowboys can actually create perfectly ensembled outfit with camel belt. The hue is not so bright, either dark and mixes with a lot of colors. Navy blue, white, black, torquiose and orange are the best colors to combine it with.

Found this camel belt in Cortume, Espirito Santo do Pinhal Sao Paulo for R$30,00.

Shopping in Jacutinga

I had a meeting the whole morning yesterday in Jacutinga that finished at lunchtime. I needed to wait for my friend, Thaty until 5PM so we can go home together on a car pool. How do you kill time in such situation? The best way is to SHOP especially when you know people manning the stores. You´ve got to huggle for big discounts. Three pieces with 30-50% reduction on its original selling prices.. My fab finds yesterday.

1. Yellow regatta - Fenix Tricot - R$ 20,00
2. Mini cape - Julia Tricot - R$ 40,00
3. Black Paisley body hugging dress - Julia Tricot R$ 57,00

These clothes were actually manufactured in Jacutinga (home of brazilian knitwear). Majority of the produce are ditributed to both local and international market. Some carry the same brandname, some manufacture them for famous names in fashion industry. A heaven for shopaholics.

Will post in the coming days look creations for the above items.

16 October 2010

Lunch Date

Gloomy spring. Went out on a lunch date with my hubby. Country dining at a winery. Sported a look with lots of femininity. White sundress covered up with this ruffled black polo yield a bit of conservatism. Strappy wedge, leather sling bag, gold hoops and cuff, and statement ring completed the look.

Bag: Gift from Tia Vilma
Dress: Renner
Wedge: Banana Rep
Polo: Vintage shop

15 October 2010


Latest addition to my growing brazilian flipflop collection. Havaianas Top Mix is the basic hav top with a twist of color. I fell inlove with the mix of orange and yellow on the black slippers. Feels like it will give you a lift when you look down there after a tiring walk.

R$ 22,00 at Ystilo Jacutinga.

Friday Steal

Had a quick look of what´s in store today. Got this statement ring at Pink Bjoux for R$ 6,40.

Happy. Found the right size. It´s been tough finding size 14.


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