23 February 2011

Online Shopping - Sports Accessories

Supplements, Sports Wear, Sports Gear, Exercise Videos..name it, my better half is selling them through the website www.bodynet.com.br/dubacci.  The site carries known sports brands re nike, adidas, reebok etc. It offers both latest releases and items on sale.

Shopping doesn't need to be stressful. Bodynet is a one-stop shop for your athletic necessities.


22 February 2011

Jen´s New Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston finally cut her hair into a bob!!!! For so long she´s been sporting a long hair and yesterday she stepped out with this new hairstyle. Exactly the length I´ve been thinking to wear my hair. What do you think of her new haircut? Rachel is back with an updated bob!

3 weeks ago I marked an appointment with my stylist, February 26 will have my haircut and hair spa treatment. Hmmmmm..I guess am not ready to cut my hair this short...

14 February 2011

Bubble Gum Stripes

Most colorful dress in my closet so far. I've been looking for this bubble gum stripes and here I found it. The question now is, "when do I use this?" Look forward for the ensemble. Am honestly not so into colorful dresses. Let's see how will it look on me. Summer is almost on its end.

Kissaman Andradas, R$ 50,00 (estava em promocao).

04 February 2011


Can´t wait to have my little Bacci and dress him/her up with Zara. Look at these S/S 2011 Collection for Kids. So adorable!!!

makes me miss Carina Marthe (my only niece) more and more - she looks like this model on the right

All photos courtesy of Zara.


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