30 July 2011

Melissa Summer

The coldest months has passed. These past two weeks clothes layering was lessen. Coldness has become just "suave"..not too cold neither hot. Spring summer is almost here so has the launch of hot season´s latest collection. I guess I´ve found my summer 2011-2012 uniform in this Melissa plastic sandals. Beige or pink? I want a pair!

 melissa lua III collection

28 July 2011

Back to Basic

Glamorous basic look. Kristen Stewart  in blue skinny jeans, black cotton shirt, black pumps and neutral make-up. A look that you can create easily and can be donned for most events other than formal. Another reason to have that black pumps.

26 July 2011

Vintage Accessory Finds

I happen to love vintage accessories since I was a kid. Whenever grandma open her "baul" (wooden chest) and show us old stuffs, I would always get delighted. Old things kept for a long time exudes gentleness of the keeper and wisdom brought by its memories. Yesterday, I found these vintage pieces that greatly pleased me. More delighted when I found out some of them were on sale. Imagine how will these pieces make your outfit lovelier. There is no better place for them but my closet thus, the purchase.

turquoise cameo jewelries ( ring and earrings)

victorian earrings

Ring (set of 5) - would like to call this sisterhood rings..representing sisterhood with my favorite ladies re mom Marina, my 3 sisters Cyrille, Carol, & Cathy and my only niece Carrie. somehow I´m drawing them near by wearing this set everyday...

bella bjoux & kall importados

22 July 2011

Piling Necklaces

Inspired by the ancients, solid metal jewelries are trending this autumn/fall 2011. The trend is surely simple, minimalist and clean. But how can you wear solid metal jewelry either gold, bronze or silver in spring/summer? Olivia Palermo once again showed a mix of trend in an accessory. The pile of necklaces with a  solid metal and few strands in colorful beads made the look summery. 

21 July 2011

Motivation Elusiveness

Motivation is quite difficult to grasp these past months. When the weather started freezing so has the inspiration to workout. It´s been two long months that I have not exercised properly. When I say proper exercise I mean at least hitting the gym thrice a week, lifting weights and pumping up energy with cardio activities. I did exercise for the months of May - July for a few times but it didn´t value anything. Tons of force I´ve lost, probaby half of it. Weight status as of today - 49,5 kilos compared to 47,5 kilos I used to maintain. Two kilos in two months. Bigger ass (as the only good thing bout it),  I feel heavier, tummy bloated, and energy is down. I am worried.  A co-teacher once said, she always gains 2-4 kilos every cold season and lose it naturally when summer comes. Whatever. Normal body change or laziness I need to get back in shape!

(high summer 2011)

Luckily, I have all the facilities to get in shape. Talking about taking advantage of a husband who is a personal trainer with a gym located at the basement of the house. Dear motivation, please start pouring.

20 July 2011

Boticario Intense Liquid Base

A month ago I broke my half-full maybelline mousse matte base. Took me long to find a replacement (tough to find maybelline in Pinhal). I just couldn´t rely on any brand. After all it is a base, the most important item in your make-up set. You ought to have it perfectly, not too white nor too dark, not too oily nor too dry. Where I´ve found it? Boticario Intense Line. A liquid base with matte finish and SPF 15 so perfect for my oily skin.  Not so heavy on the pocket at R$ 19,90 for a 25ml content.

The complete Boticario Intense line. I´m so buying their other product once needed.

Make-up tip: Liquid base is best applied with a brush...at least in my experience.

19 July 2011


When I created this ensemble, I knew it there was an air of fun in that outfit. The combination of pink, red and nude is quite interesting. Emma Stone from last night´s premiere of the movie Friends with Benefits donned the same color combination. From the previous color blocking trend, pink was paired with orange. Indeed, any block of colors can be combined in an outfit. As my blog description says, endless possibilities...so is color blocking.

Ana Hickmann Premium Nail Polish

Last week I wrote about Ana Hickmann blue nail polish which was a budget find in lieu of Chanel and Dior. Yesterday, I came across a news that the brand will be launching premium nail polish that will be manufactured at the same place where Dior, Chanel and Bourjoir are made. The line will be available in 18 colors and will cost R$14,90 (7x the regular Ana Hickmann nail polish). Still costly unless you really use up the 9ml bottle for several occassion given you don´t own a salon. I´m wondering what colors it will be? Might interest me despite its tag. In stores in November 2011.

18 July 2011

Wearing a Scarf - 25 Ways

Sometimes wearing the scarf eats a lot of my time. My knowledge is very limited when it comes to it. This video is really helpful. Hope it helps you like the way it did to me. Learn how to wear your scarves from the lightest pieces to the bulky ones. The rest of the videos after the jump.

Credits to Wendy.

16 July 2011

Pickling Chili Peppers

I grew up in a family where almost all recipe are cooked with chili and where to every food that is served, a vinegar dip is a must. Ironically I have not learned pickling chilis in the Philippines. It was only recently (here in Brazil) I have discovered pickled chilis. Now we can have this spicy condiment anytime enhancing the flavor of any meat/fish recipe.

fresh south american aji peppers

a nice clear jar

pickled chili peppers 

Easiest to prepare with vinegar, garlic and salt as complementary ingredients. Arrange the peppers vertically inside the jar with garlic at the bottom. Sprinkle with salt and pour vinegar until the jar is almost full. Pronto! Olive oil can be added for a hotter pickle. Thanks to Thaty´s family for introducing me this recipe. Blends perfectly with feijoda.

pickled peppers also serves as a kitchen decor

15 July 2011

Colours of Winter

An interpretation of blackout in winter. Colours of gray, orange, gold, brown, purple and red rolled into a winter ensemble. Six colors (ohh consider that seven ´coz by nail polish is blue) could be so tricky to mix in an outfit but it blended due to the it´s tone. Gray and brown are nuetral colors while orange, red,  and gold are on the burnt tone.  One great outfit suited for the premiere night of a fantastic movie Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows p2).

My first outfit post in curly hair. Do waves fit me?

Chicken Burritos

This is a healthy snack I did with our leftover shredded chicken breast and the rest of the ingredients readily available from our fridge. One of those afternoon that I served my hubby a non-brazilian food made at home. Unlike most recipes, not all of the ingredients are stir-fried. Shredded chix was the only ingredient that was stir-fried with spices and butter thus making it fresh and a little crispy.

 ready to eat burrito wrap from the grocery

 The ingredients - sour cream, mozzarella, lettuce, shredded chix, yellow corn, tomatoes. Skipped the onions (hubby hates it on sandwhiches)

I don´t have sour cream in the fridge. Did my own with mayo, mustard and cream cheese. 

the wrap was heated in a non-stick pan for around 30 seconds before it was filled with fresh ingredients. Roll it out and toast a little more. Grilling the burritos is an option. 

 yummy homemade healthy mexican snack!..for my hubby who woke up at 7am to clean and repaint the gym´s outside wall while I stayed sleeping until 11am

10 July 2011

Mixing Prints

Donned mixed prints for a saturday night date with my hubby. A polka dot marine-coloured scarf  from a vintage shop in the Philippines was paired with a Zara stripe top. Contrary to a striking wardrobe which can be achieved by additional print re floral, I chose to wear plain black jacket thus keeping it basic. The night was celebrated in an italian festival followed by an unplanned movie treat.

08 July 2011

Budget Find - Satin Blue Nail Polish

Chanel models in the recently concluded haute couture show graced their nails with satin blue nail polish by the brand itself. Dior´s A/W 2011 ad campaign is Karlie Kloss in blue smokey eyes and stunning blue nail polish. From runway to streets, the tone will be celebrated by nail polish lovers around the globe. February 2011 when the color caught me and had it on my birthday. It was an Ana Hickmann polish I found in Seduçao Pinhal worth R$2. Even if Chanel would be on the store rack that time, I wouldn´t pay $40 for a nail polish. 

(my birthday feb 2011)
it may only costs R$2 but I can attest to its richness and durability

07 July 2011

Olivia Palermo

Obsessing on Olivia Palermo and her style lately. Her flawless skin and italian-american face may have been a gift from birth but her style is something she has developed herself. Take a look of my current favorite Olivia Palermo ensemble and how she styled them.

tail hem, polka dot gown

yellow shift dress, pink clutch

 crsip floral dress, purple pumps, feathery bag

all-black ensemble, tweed shorts, sheer top, solid metal bangles

05 July 2011

Jason Wu for Melissa

Melissa in collaboration with Jason Wu will be launched in Brazilian stores in September and will reach international racks in November this year. Wu who dresses no other than Michelle Obama and her US President husband Barack Obama is a very young Taiwanese-American designer, 28 yrs old at that he already has a big name in fashion industry.

02 July 2011

Kate Moss Wedding

Kate Moss is now married to Jamie Hince! Religous ceremony happened yesterday, July 1 at St. Peter Cathedral in Southrop England. Like the way I imagined it Kate Moss wore a simple wedding gown with bohemian touch. The light beige-coloured gown and rhinestone-studded was made by John Galliano. As a conservative dresser I´m glad to see Kate not baring a lot of skin on her wedding day. The gown was completed with vintage style-lace veil and a Manolo Blahnik shoes. Lovely is an understament in relation to the entire look. Congratulations Kate and Jamie!

there´s a lot of flower girls! lovely dresses too!


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