20 July 2011

Boticario Intense Liquid Base

A month ago I broke my half-full maybelline mousse matte base. Took me long to find a replacement (tough to find maybelline in Pinhal). I just couldn´t rely on any brand. After all it is a base, the most important item in your make-up set. You ought to have it perfectly, not too white nor too dark, not too oily nor too dry. Where I´ve found it? Boticario Intense Line. A liquid base with matte finish and SPF 15 so perfect for my oily skin.  Not so heavy on the pocket at R$ 19,90 for a 25ml content.

The complete Boticario Intense line. I´m so buying their other product once needed.

Make-up tip: Liquid base is best applied with a brush...at least in my experience.

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