19 August 2010


The latest beauty invention is this "self-sterilizing" ceramic hot iron in public restrooms. Like any other vending machine, all you need is to insert few bucks to be able to use the iron. Now you can re-touch or style those hair anytime and anywhere.

I don't think I would use this. Aside from the fact that my hair doesn't really need retouching I have issues on its "self-sterilizing" feature. Would you?

12 August 2010


A peek of what's inside my drawer. Five of my most favorite bracelets.

1. Gold bangle with diamond studs - The story was like " to be handed to the woman you will marry". A family inheritance given to me by my husband few months before our wedding. I only use this during formal events.

2. 18-Pc thin gold bangle - Bought somewhere in Pinhal. For everyday lounging at the gym and internet shop.

3. Semi-precious stone cuff - F&H Philippines, 450php. Eduardo bought me while shopping at newly-opened Eastwood mall. One of those things I couldn't include in my garage sale then. Even it consumed a little weight in my baggage I had to bring it with me to Brazil. Can only wear it when i'm wearing tones of gray, black or white (solid).

4. Gold cuff - Gold and bold bracelet from a bijoux store in Pinhal. Great with maxi dress or washed jeans with white button down or plain white shirt. Definitely cannot be worn with another cuff.

5. Bracelet set - With brown, gold, pink and beige colors. Another bracelet for my daily casual look. Sometimes I pile this up with bracelet #2 for louder and hippier look.

Accessorize, accessorize, accesorize. Surely bracelets can add power to your outfit.

11 August 2010


Indeed life begins at 40. Forty-something A-list hollywood stars are on September 2010 Magazine covers.

Jennifer Aniston, 41 - Harper's Bazaar
Julia Roberts, 42 - Elle
Halle Berry, 44 - Vogue

Wow! I'd always love these three actresses. I wonder how will I look like when I turn 40? Will I still be thin as now? As far as I am concerned I've always combat aging. Skin care, regular exercise, and optimism to name a few. Actually, I wish to be more inspiring and stunning when I hit my 40s.

04 August 2010


Down to last few days of season ender sale everywhere. Next week most of the stores will start displaying spring/summer 2011 collections. Here is my shopping list come the hot season. These are non-negotiable. Meaning I really must have it to survive the heat and just be cool, trendy and stylish for spring/summer 2011.
1. White tank top - Preferably Hering or Zara. Cheap and light fabric.

2. Colored light plain shirt - When giving classes I guess I couldn't wear a white tank top. Not appropriate for a teacher.

3. Black gladiator sandals - Why black?Adding basic color to what is already in my closet. Got a gold with turquiose accent.

4. Swimwear - I wouldn't pass this year without hitting the beach (coz last yr we made it pass). I miss the waves, the sand and going around just wearing almost nothing re 2-piece swimwear. Of course a bikini-worthy body is also a must. Last year my husband told me like "how can we go to the beach if you're not in shape?". I've been working out regulary for the longest time. Hopefully i'll be worthy of bikini at least for my husband/personal trainer.

5. Ruffled white mini-skirt - This will be so cool for carnival party nights or reveillion (new year) party.

6. Cut-off denim shorts - A versatile item. A reasonable escape from jeans (I hate denim pants really). Can be paired with any top. Plain. collared, crop etc. Very flexible with footwear also. Slippers, wedge, flats, pumps.

There are a lot of items I still need for summer re accessories, Gowns and dresses (wedding season). The six items above are the ones I would prioritize when hitting the stores. The rest, will check as necessary.


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