25 August 2011

Drooling: Kate Moss for Longchamp

Superb bag that you can use everyday with almost any ensemble. Kate Moss for Longchamp. Phyton printed leather bag that gives sure value for you money. Splurge less of the guilt. 

23 August 2011

Stockholm Street

These real style photos from Stockholm Streetstyle make me want to go malling now and find that black skinny jeans as shown in the first two photos. The amazing sandals in the third photo made a tail hem little black dress with minimal silhouette exude sexiness. A flare jeans made contemporary by wearing it high waist on the fourth photo. Understated and inspiring off the runway styles!

22 August 2011

Ana Hickmann Latest Colors

Six new metallic and glittery nail polish by Ana Hickmann for R$ 3,15/bot. Wondering why these dark glitters were launched when spring/summer is almost here?

19 August 2011

Transition: Winter to Spring

A month from now, it will be officially spring. We are in the state when transition occurs like a thick knit plus a jacket are no longer necessarry. Layering clothes is still comfortable though using the lighter ones. Baring legs less of the opaque tights, cardigan, and adding colors are the most stylish moves you can do to survive the transition.

( skirt stela maris and cardigan fenix from jacutinga, basic white shirt f&h philippines, dumond shoes, accessories here )
 pleated skirt made of knit...heavy and hot paired with a pink cardigan and a nude wedge

 basic white shirt showing up again..hot season is here. reminds me that I need to purchase a new one. my non-negotiable need this summer

skipped combing hair..made a ponytail with the use of my bare hands..

you can never go wrong wearing turquoise and gold accessories come spring/summer

red lips, natural nail polish, gold and turquoise, black eyeliner and a swab of black eyeshadow

18 August 2011

Maxi Skirt for Spring/Summer

When hot season comes it does not mean that a bottom ending below the calf called maxi skirt can´t be worn anymore. Wearing maxi skirt is all about casualness and romanticism.What to mix the skirt with this spring/summer season after the jump.

a  printed maxi with vibrant color goes real well with a basic tank top. this kind of top balances the vibrance of the skirt. with the hem showing your ankle, a ballet flat can is the best option. top tucked in creating a continous silhouette.

a floral silk maxi paired with a gold top for a friday night out. hem almost touching the floor graced by a wooden platform. the shimmery top balanced by the relaxed print of floral  .

 both lightweight maxi and buttoned-down shirt. the slim silhouette of the skirt goes well with an open-toed ankle boots in striking yellow gold.

 maxi skirt with a crop top and a wedge for a bohemian vibe.

Short or tall ladies can both don a maxi skirt. Height was never an issue. Just that when you are vertically challenged try to avoid bold prints as it steal your stature.

17 August 2011

The Right Sheer

If you´ve got an asset to show off, then sheer wouldn´t be a scandalous fashion. You don´t need to go as much as breast-baring pieces neither panty-showing dresses. Those as I believed are off. The number one rule in wearing sheer trend rightly is showing off an asset - knowing what to hide and what to reveal. Wear sheer to flatter and not to shock. Take these photos as an inspiration.

As far as fashion is concerned, sheer trend will still be seen in 2012.

Autumn/Winter Inspiration

Isabeli Fontana for Mango A/W 2011. Get lots of inspiration from leather to knit, polkadot to animal print, fur, black and gold, sheer dress, chain accessories. Sophistication is an understatement.

photos courtesy of Mango Blog

14 August 2011

Sunday Dessert - Passion Fruit Mousse

 Unlike Philippines, passion fruit (maracujá in portuguese) in Brazil is as common as banana. Meaning it is available the whole year round.  Musse de Maracujá is a usual Brazilian dessert and preparation is very easy . This is another brazilian cuisine that I would love to make for my family and friends in the Philippines. Here is the recipe,  originally in portuguese, thanks to my hubby for helping me translate it in english.

1 (12g) envelope colorless and flavorless gelatine
1 can condensed milk
1 can nestle cream
1 box passion fruit flavored gelatine
120ml concentrated passion fruit juice

1 medium-sized passion fruit
4 tablespoon sugar

1. Pour nestle cream, condensed milk and passion fruit juice in a blender. Set aside.
2. Dissolve flavorless gelatine in conformity of to its cooking instruction written on the package. ( Mine was to dissolve the gelatine in a 250ml boiling water). Set aside until it gets warm.
3. Dissolve the passion fruit gelatine separately in a 250ml water (neither cold nor hot).
4. Mix them altogether in the blender on a medium speed until all the ingredients are well  mixed.
5. Put in the fridge for at least half an hour to get the mousse consistency.

1. In a sauce pan, mix passion fruit pulp and sugar until thickened.

 passion fruit based on my experience can be stored for a week without spoiling.
the recipe can be substituted with other fruits but i would recommend philippine mango. the taste of the the passion fruit mousse is somehow like our mango in the philippines. baguio strawberries can be a great option too.

 shallow champagne glasses where the mousse will be set

  the blended ingredients before placing them inside the fridge

sunday dessert - delightful passion fruit mousse - the consistency is almost like an ice cream. the recipe turned out smoothly sweet.  that level of sweetness that will make crave for more. perfect recipe.
it´s fathers´day in Brazil - 2nd sunday of August..apparently, they don´t celebrate it on 2nd sunday of june

 today´s main dish i´ve served my hubby and mom-inlaw. baked pork ribs and luguine in red and white sauce (molho rosé)  that were complemented by the passion fruit mousse

11 August 2011

Mini Melissa

Weeeh!..How cute and comfortable will these be on Carrie´s feet. Latest Mini Melissa Collection by Vivienne Westwood. Irresistible. Carrie will have it, that´s Tita Cez´promise.


Vintage Hairstyle

Feels like looking vintage today? In either casual or formal setting, you can opt to wear any of these style should you want that vibe from your mom´s teenage years.

A Week with Nivea Creme

A week ago when we had our second coldest temperature of the season which is 1°C. Last Thursday, I woke up with a red/burned face that was brought by so much coldness. Since I was diagnosed with allergic reaction to paraben substance I stopped using creams at night. To my worry I grabbed this Nivea Creme which am used to using on my body (only) during winter and passed a decent amount of it on my face. Wow! It worked! In two days the redness lessened and my face got back to normal. Luckily upon reading the components I didn´t see any paraben in it. 7 days  and still counting with Nivea Creme on my face every night. I am satisfied.

Kate Moss Wedding Album

Photographed by by Mario Testino. A preview of Kate Moss´wedding album which you will see more in Vogue September 2011 issue.

I have not had my church wedding yet. In case I will in the future, this could be a source of inspiration. Lots of them. Lovely wedding! Kate you are indeed an icon.


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