09 August 2011

Platform Heels

I never thought that a 4-inch heel will be as comfy as wearing wedges. Hurray! Whoever created the first platform heels, you are brilliant. Sexiness of heels and comfort of wedges rolled into one. With the hint of retro glam that can well work with 70s look, I picked this Dumond shoes.

Last night while reorganizing closet I stumbled into this stripe tube dress and came into an idea of using it as a skirt. Worn it under a black shirt with chiffon sleeves cinched with a belt somewhere between the waist and the hips creating a daytime wear.  

societa shirt dumond shoes vitorio dress (SM dept´store desinger´s section) DKNY watch societa gold belt kall importados turquoise accessories bella bjoux ring set

 a smile is the best yet priceless accessory you can always wear

 vintage clutch from tia marina´s closet (tia marina is my mother in-law´s aunt who died last year @ 97 yrs old....imagine how vintage is this clutch)

 Dumond shoes with red soft leather straps giving me the needed height that still affords comfort

credits to Jose Eduardo, my hubby for taking the photos within our residence

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