19 August 2011

Transition: Winter to Spring

A month from now, it will be officially spring. We are in the state when transition occurs like a thick knit plus a jacket are no longer necessarry. Layering clothes is still comfortable though using the lighter ones. Baring legs less of the opaque tights, cardigan, and adding colors are the most stylish moves you can do to survive the transition.

( skirt stela maris and cardigan fenix from jacutinga, basic white shirt f&h philippines, dumond shoes, accessories here )
 pleated skirt made of knit...heavy and hot paired with a pink cardigan and a nude wedge

 basic white shirt showing up again..hot season is here. reminds me that I need to purchase a new one. my non-negotiable need this summer

skipped combing hair..made a ponytail with the use of my bare hands..

you can never go wrong wearing turquoise and gold accessories come spring/summer

red lips, natural nail polish, gold and turquoise, black eyeliner and a swab of black eyeshadow

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