18 August 2011

Maxi Skirt for Spring/Summer

When hot season comes it does not mean that a bottom ending below the calf called maxi skirt can´t be worn anymore. Wearing maxi skirt is all about casualness and romanticism.What to mix the skirt with this spring/summer season after the jump.

a  printed maxi with vibrant color goes real well with a basic tank top. this kind of top balances the vibrance of the skirt. with the hem showing your ankle, a ballet flat can is the best option. top tucked in creating a continous silhouette.

a floral silk maxi paired with a gold top for a friday night out. hem almost touching the floor graced by a wooden platform. the shimmery top balanced by the relaxed print of floral  .

 both lightweight maxi and buttoned-down shirt. the slim silhouette of the skirt goes well with an open-toed ankle boots in striking yellow gold.

 maxi skirt with a crop top and a wedge for a bohemian vibe.

Short or tall ladies can both don a maxi skirt. Height was never an issue. Just that when you are vertically challenged try to avoid bold prints as it steal your stature.

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