17 June 2012

As I am

A composed image of mine in still position. Tackling about numbers in the calendar, this is my last year. Definitely not taking ageing and humanity negatively. Less of dense make-up and photoshop here I am representing my natural self - confident in my own skin. Photos lensed by dear Jose Eduardo Bacci.

Cheers to 2nd year of passione da vida!!!

03 June 2012

Natural Yogurt Cake

With all cake recipes available on countless baking websites it is hard to select the best ones. The best way to get a recipe is from someone who has baked a cake you have actually tasted and pigged. In this particular recipe it was Ms. Cassia from whom I´ve learned the recipe. A simple moist cake that uses natural yogurt instead of ordinary milk. 

1 cup (170g) natural yogurt
4 eggs
2 cups flour
2 cups refined white sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tbs baking powder

Note: Use yogurt cup which is 170g to measure the ingredients

Mix all the above ingredients using a blender for 5 mins
Pour the batter in a baking pan (basic baking procedure: spread and sprinkled with butter and flour respectively all over). My cake got a brown color as I sprinkled chocolate powder instead flour in the pan.
Place in a pre-heated oven for 45 mins in 180-210 degrees.

Now I have this cake recipe I can count on and a blog to keep recipes I can´t lose.

the original recipe that Cassia gave me

Want to know what we did Saturday night at home? Here it is...

Gwyneth Paltrow´s Pancake! Recipe first tried on this post. Learned from GOOP.

Hope everyone is enjoying their lazy Sunday!

06 May 2012

No Make-up Look

Revealing my daily no make-up look and what products made it. 

1. Clinique Palette - darkest color of eyeshadow for my eyebrows and all the rest as eye shadows, blush and        the lighter shade of lippies. thanks to my sister for sponsoring.

2. L ´oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio (Brunette) - for that natural glow. from duty free Istanbul, 12 euros

3. Boticario Intense Lipstick Matte Effect (131) - as a base for clinique lipstick from the palette above, Brazil R$ 14,00.

Aside from the above products I also use Maybelline Mascara (volume) and Payot Black Eyeliner Pencil (apply quite thinly).

Timeless Piece

First worn in November of 2008 for a friend´s wedding in the Philippines, this stripe dress has been gracing my closet and several events since then. Can you remember this post when I used it as a skirt? It´s just one of those pieces I could not dispose. Love how it hugs my bod, timeless design and color, and a type of fabric that does not get old - this dress is everything.

Primeiro usado em novembro de 2008 para o casamento de um amigo nas Filipinas, Este vestido listrado enfeitando meu armário e vários eventos desde então. Você consegue se lembrar este post quando eu usei-o como uma saia? É apenas uma dessas peças não poderia dispor. Amar como ele abraça o meu corpo, cor e estilo eterno, e um tipo de tecido que não envelhece - esse vestido é tudo.

Vittorio Dress (SM Dept Store Makati Designers´Section), Zara Long Cardigan, Dumond Pumps, Stadium Belt (Dubai), H&M Sunnies

as always am so fond of nude make-up

01 May 2012

Classic in Autumn

This is the week when chills have really started blowing. You can´t anymore leave the house without a piece to layer your top. Here am I sharing my very first cold season ensemble for 2012. A classic long sleeves layered with a knit paired with a super skinny jeans.

May 1, Labor Day. It marks a new beginning for me. The school where am working has new owners. I am very excited about the changes and challenges that will happen. My optimism is also up that the renewed institution will bring a brighter future both for the staffs and my dear students. 

Esta é a semana quando temporada fria que realmente começou a soprar. Você não pode mais sair de casa sem blusa de frio. Aqui estou compartilhando minha primeira conjunto de roupa para temporada fria de 2012. A mangas longas clássicos em baixo de uma malha pareado com um jeans super skinny.

01 de maio, Dia do Trabalho. Ele marca um novo começo para mim. A escola onde estou trabalhando esta com donos novos. Estou muito empolgado com as mudanças e os desafios que vão acontecer. Meu otimismo é também o que a instituição renovada vai trazer um futuro melhor tanto para os funcionários e os meus queridos alunos. 

 Zara Knit & Skinny jeans, Mango Shirt, Dumond Shoes, H&M Sunnies, Bag/Belt/Necklace from Dubai

Parabéns para todos os trabalhadores!


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