06 May 2012

No Make-up Look

Revealing my daily no make-up look and what products made it. 

1. Clinique Palette - darkest color of eyeshadow for my eyebrows and all the rest as eye shadows, blush and        the lighter shade of lippies. thanks to my sister for sponsoring.

2. L ´oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio (Brunette) - for that natural glow. from duty free Istanbul, 12 euros

3. Boticario Intense Lipstick Matte Effect (131) - as a base for clinique lipstick from the palette above, Brazil R$ 14,00.

Aside from the above products I also use Maybelline Mascara (volume) and Payot Black Eyeliner Pencil (apply quite thinly).


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