29 September 2010


New York socialite, an actress (the city), a model.

"My style is classic, but I like to incorporate some trends to keep things modern and relevant-- and I’m a huge fan of using accessories to pull my look together" - Olivia Palermo

Some of her perfectly ensembled outfits. My picks.


It's been a week with this sunblock water gel FPS 30 and I would say it's performing great on my face. EPISOL Water Gel FPS 30 is a sunblock that is so light that penetrates the skin quite fast. Since it is water based and very light it can be used under your make-up.

EPISOL is available in Drogaria VIP for R$ 55,00.

I don't really get the sun outside everyday but as suggested by dermatologist you need to use a sunblock even staying under the roof. Need I say that even it's gloomy outside a sunblock is necessary. In few months i'll be turning 30, no longer young. I'd better take extra care of my skin. Defying premature skin aging with daily sunblock use.

28 September 2010

Surviving in This Crazy World

From a card that was sent by my sister. I find it really interesting so allow me to share it.

As per author Donna Fargo, below are the 10 Rules :

1. YOUR LIFE IS YOUR LIFE. Take responsibility for it. Protect it, cherish it, appreciate it, enjoy it. Above all, don't waste it.

2. PRAY A LOT. Ask God for guidance and forgiveness when you need it. It will help you move the roadblocks that keep you stuck.

3. With every important action you're considering, think about how you'll feel afterward. Settle important issues before you get taken by suprise and do something that you'll be soory for.

4. Never try to persuade others to do something they're not comfortable with, and don't allow yourself to be coerced against your own will either. We have our own needs and voices, something could be right for one and not right for another.

5. ALWAYS BE WHO YOU ARE. Learn from others, but don't try to be a clone of someone else. Find your own truth.

6. Treat others as you want to be treated, not as you are treated. You'll feel better knowing you did the right thing.

7. WHen you don't know what to do for someone in need who is reaching out, pray and believe that God will allow them to discover whatever will help.

8. Remeber that preventing a problem is always easier that fixing one, especially when it comes to your health.

9. Don't just talk to be talking. If you don't know something, dont try to make somehting up. Talking too much can get you in trouble.

10. At all times, find something to be thankful for.

Oil Control Film

Oily skin is really annoying. How do you get rid of it instantly?

The whole year in the Philippines, climate is hot. Hence, face gets sticky, sweaty and oily. Geeh,unwanted oil on the face. Disgusting. Now that am in Brazil, my face still gets oily (not as much then though). Unfortunately, I didn't find a store that sells it. I had to ask my sister from the Philippines to ship it to me.

Oil control film is like a handy hanky that you can grab anytime to wipe the extra oil on your face. Its color becomes transparent as a sign of absorption. An instant refreshing tool and ultimately supports acne prevention.

One of my beauty essentials. Priced at 120 php for a pack containing 50 sheets. Easy to bring along wherever you are going. Can be stuff in make-up kit, wallet, or even your pockets.

Looking Forward - A/W 2011

Hey guys, I just want to share this page of Zara´s October 2010 Lookbook. This makes me get excited for A/W 2011 in Brazil. This shows a classic look for the cold season (though the model looks so anorexic..naƵ esta linda). Especially like the first, fifth, ninth and tenth ( top L-R, down L-R)..

Uh-oh...seven months to go before cold season..

Photos from Zara´s FB account.

02 September 2010


There are lots of fashion icon out there but these are the four stylish women that captures my admiration on both dressing up and dressing down.

1. Audrey Hepburn - I'm in love with little black dress and pearls. Who popularized them? No other than Audrey Hepburn. Classic. Ultimately classic.

2. Jennifer Aniston - Love her basic style. You would always see her in basic pieces and natural colors paired with accessories. Jen's simple style draws her sophistication and natural sexiness. Basic, Sexy and Sophisticated.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker - Either SJP or Carrie, she rocks. Pulling off loud colors like hot pink, yellow, royal blue with basic colors. Those pumps we often see her wearing. Statement accessories. Always hitting it right when in fact bold colors or huge accessories are somewhat tough to pull off.

4. Giselle Bundchen - Top Model and one of Victoria Secret's Angels. Though she can wear anything and can strut lingerie and swimwear best, Giselle can be spotted (when not modelling) in shirts and denim pants or shorts. Gladiator sandals or boots, scarf and other simple accessories complete her day-off look. Casual and laid-back.


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