02 September 2010


There are lots of fashion icon out there but these are the four stylish women that captures my admiration on both dressing up and dressing down.

1. Audrey Hepburn - I'm in love with little black dress and pearls. Who popularized them? No other than Audrey Hepburn. Classic. Ultimately classic.

2. Jennifer Aniston - Love her basic style. You would always see her in basic pieces and natural colors paired with accessories. Jen's simple style draws her sophistication and natural sexiness. Basic, Sexy and Sophisticated.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker - Either SJP or Carrie, she rocks. Pulling off loud colors like hot pink, yellow, royal blue with basic colors. Those pumps we often see her wearing. Statement accessories. Always hitting it right when in fact bold colors or huge accessories are somewhat tough to pull off.

4. Giselle Bundchen - Top Model and one of Victoria Secret's Angels. Though she can wear anything and can strut lingerie and swimwear best, Giselle can be spotted (when not modelling) in shirts and denim pants or shorts. Gladiator sandals or boots, scarf and other simple accessories complete her day-off look. Casual and laid-back.

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