29 June 2011


If Philippines has "binatog" or " ginataang mais", Brazil has canjica. I have this love affair with whatever "ginataan" recipe which my mom cooks best, either salty or sweet. She just makes the best ginataan. Thus, the experiment in the brazilian kitchen two days ago. I cooked this canjica (recipe here) , a recipe for winter season as it is best eaten hot. This brazilian version of ginataang mais is made special by the added flavor of cinnamon bark, peanut and cloves. You might want to try this recipe the next time you do ginataang mais.

50´s Winter

So this is how winter in 1950´s appear? A full skirt winter floral dress from House of Fraser A/W 2011 Lookbook. The bag design is so familiar. It´s like I´ve seen it from my late grandma. Should you be invited to a wedding in winter this is a perfect ensemble.

28 June 2011

Light Blue Shirt Dress

Inspiration for today. Cameron Diaz in light blue shirt dress paired with nude belt and shoes. Uncomplicated and sexy outfit.

9-yr Old Camel Boots

Do you ever have that shoes that you can´t give away? Mine is this Celine camel ankle boots that´s been with me for 9 long years. This was my uniform when I had my review for the CPA Board Exam. An item that I guess inspired me to attend review classes ( I got my license!). Love at first sight was the story of this boots. The camel was so attractive and was quite eccentric to wear it then. How time flies. I maybe an accountant by paper but my heart is not just into it. Still love this boots though...

Tough it was. Taking photos of yourself using a tripod. I did it with this photo shoot. lol!

hering shorts pernambucanas tights vintage blazer curtume belt

Schutz Summer 2012

Schutz Summer 2012 Collection. Expect 70s vibe from the collection. Take a peek.

27 June 2011

French Bread Leftover

Who doesn´t hate stale bread? Especially french bread that stays less crisp the way it´s supposed to be. In my effort to combat bed weather (10 degrees) and laziness today, I stayed in the kitchen the whole afternoon and one of the recipes I did is this pizza bread from weekend leftover.

 french bread cut into halves

 spread tomato sauce on top

 mozzarella, "frios" (cold cuts), oregano and olive oil as complementary ingredients

 bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes

 ready to serve pizza..rich in flavor and calories

my inspiration..yellow roses at the dining table..collected this from the chapel last Thursday after Corpus Christi Celebration...(well, they were just to threw them..so I brought them home)..silly kid!

26 June 2011

Knitwear Festival

Winter break is here! It was the last day of school yesterday, fourth day of winter and second to the last day of the Fest Malhas. Off we went to Jacutinga to buy sweater and watch the fashion show. The pavillion was jampacked with both locals and tourists who were drooling to grab quality but real cheap knitwear.

Ended up buying these items, a cream and gold crochet vest (Tricot Minas) and a skirt (Stela Maris). So where is my new sweater? Next month will head to Jacutinga again for another winter shopping. Off-season winter deals usually start after the festival. There are still few classic pieces that I want in my closet this season.

On my mind now is the ensemble I´ll be creating with these new buys.

22 June 2011

Fave Resort 2012

 Valentino Resort Collection 2012. The demure dresses characterized by subtle colors, laces and flowers made it to my favorite resort collection for 2012. Drooling....

21 June 2011

New Face of Loreal Paris

Ethiopian model Liya Kebede is the latest face of Loreal Paris. An exotic beauty who is also an ambassador  for Maternal, New Born and Child Health of World Health Organization. Doesn´t she resemble our very own Tweety de Leon Gonzales?

I must say both are inspiring women.

20 June 2011

Photography Job

Me and my hubby spent father´s day taking photos at a children´s party yesterday. Yes, we do photo services for events as a part-time income generating activity. Stepped out in this comfortable ensemble that allowed me to play and work with the kids at the same time . Outfit showed a color block of pink and red with a neutral top.

18 June 2011

Luxury Resorts Philippines

Philippines is a hub of world´s finest beaches, unexplored nature and luxury resorts. How I wish I could just fly to the Philippines now and escape from this six degrees temperature in Brazil. Below are three of my dream destinations re luxury resorts in the Philippines.

 A private island located in Palawan. "Skirted by white smiles of sand, clear blue waters and a coral reef 300 metres from the shore, Amanpulo is the epitome of an island paradise". Rate starts at USD 700+++

 Located in Marinduque, Bellarocca is an integrated resort, spa and lifestyle island destination. "Discerning travellers in search of their next unexplored destination need to look no further than the Philippine Islands. With its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers a fantastic experience unlike any other place in the Philippines and across South-East Asia." Rate starts at USD 400+++.

Located in Boracay Island Aklan, Shangrila Resort boasts sensational luxury to discerning guests. "Rich with sprawling grounds and secluded beaches, the resort is a destination all on its own with an impressive variety of restaurants and leisure facilities, including a tranquil spa village". Rate starts at Php 14,000 / USD 300+++.

See how beautiful Filipinas is? I just miss my motherland....

17 June 2011

Paltrow´s Pancake

 Today I served my hubby and mom-inlaw  Paltrow´s Pancake (recipe here) which was learned from Gywneth Paltrow´s blog. Unsual breakfast for them as the most common you´ll see on brazilian´s breakfast table are cheese bread or french bread, cake, ham and cheese and dark coffee. I made two types of pancake using different flour. One is unbleached flour as the recipe needed and wheat flour for a healthier eating. Best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it a night before then just cook it the next day. So this caters to all working moms out there who have no much time to prepare breakfast for the family.

basic baking/cooking technique - separation of wet and dry ingredients
 whisk enough to combine all the ingredients
ready to flip when bubbles appear  
 pancake using wheat flour
pour in 100% pure honey instead of maple syrup
breakfast table today at bacci´s home
my plate with nutella

16 June 2011

If I Were

If I were to be invited to a fine dining right now I would wear this ensemble. A cozy evening with someone already special or a prospect could be worth remebering with a great (comfy on top of it) outfit. Sweet talk gets sweeter when blended with this feminine costume.

15 June 2011

2 Decades from Now

Two decades from now I would still want to wear these clothes like the way I do now. Confident with my body and never shy on strutting clothes that hugs my body and shows my skin. 2031, I´ll be 50 yrs old by then.

1. slinky black mini-dress
2. flare denim jeans
3. white silhouette cotton dress
4. denim shorts
5. 2pc swimwear
6. mini-skirt

Well, this is a motivation to staying in shape...Goodluck ladies!


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