25 December 2010

Feliz Natal 2010

My 2nd Christmas in Brazil, away from my family in the Philippines. Nevertheless, it was another happy christmas. My mother in-law's family got complete. For the longest time they have not been together completely. Imagine six siblings, each one has their own life, living in different towns (luckily they all just reside in Brazil) and at their late 50s to late 60s - tough to generate a perfect attendance in any type of occassion. I felt their home when they were all living in one roof with  their parents. Thirty years from now, I would love to be with all my siblings sitting together on a christmas dinner. Also, the mass we went to was very solemn. 3 long hours of celebration as there was a baptism of a baby boy. Something new to me, a christmas mass with a baptism. Fortunately, we were all seated and the chapel wasn't that full. It made us wish to have a baptism like that on the same chapel for our future baby. Aunt Vilma is serving there so maybe one day we'll be able to realize our dream.

Typically, brazilian christmas is celebrated with a christmas dinner at midnight of 24th and an exchange gift called "amigo secreto" is always part  of the celebration. The dinner is graced by roasted turkey and special ham called "tender" - a type of pork meat savored with peaches, pineapple and clove. Since it's a dinner, rice, other types of meat, salad, pasta and dessert are also served. The "amigo secreto" is quite fan. The revelation of the secret is done by giving a description of the friend while everybody tries to guess it. Often you get to see the impression someone had about you.

everyone has to open the gift and show it
my amiga secreta was mom!

finally got a replacement for his super old wallet

i really appreciate this way exchanging gifts..it makes everybody laugh

No christmas carolling, no 9-day "simbang gabi" (dawn mass), no godchildren to hide from, less effort on christmas decors.  As compared to Philippine Christmas, the celebration here is shorter and simple. But the same thing, it is a celebration of Jesus' birth, a time for gift giving (not so much though), family  reunion and a season of sharing hearts to everyone and parties with different groups that one has -office, school, church etc.

all i want for christmas is you

 A lot of Filipinos were not home for this season but shouldn't we feel grateful to have had experienced a different culture?  May you have savoured the celebration no matter what country you're in. When you go back to our country, Filipino Christmas will still be the same - very long celebration, a lot of togetherness with family and friends, food to enjoy, gazillion of gifts to receive and give.

Wait, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a new dress (at least for me..hehehe). Thanks to Julia Tricot Jacutinga for my paisley draped dress. Cortume for my chain belts and Dumond for my shoes.

Blessed Christmas to everyone!!!

19 December 2010

Quick Fix

Last minute decision to attend a party last night. I was only given one short hour to prepare myself for a "baile" . A high school graduation party of the school where my husband works as a physical educator.

Grabbed a 3-yr old printed wrap dress with 3/4s sleeve. One of those cold summer nights. Fixed hair into a polished ponytail that's easy to do and a 10-minute make-up. Completed the look with gold drop earrings and a bangle. Viola! Got ready for a party. Quick effortless fix - 'coz not all invitations arrive early.

Dress - F&H Phils
Shoes - VNC Phils
Accessories - diff bjoux stores in Brazil

13 December 2010

It's All About the LEGS

Having the perfect ensemble is not enough when you're wearing a micro-mini dress or a short shorts. You've got to have those beautiful tanned legs.
boyfriend shirt worn with a lot of attitude, showing lots of toned and tanned legs. a very simple outfit

white shorts in tanned legs and chunky belt

For a sexier legs, tone them! Running and leg press help a lot.

08 December 2010

White Ensemble

As a tradition in Brazil, Reveillon or New Year's Eve is celebrated with people wearing white clothes. This is in honor of the afro goddess Yemanja (goddess of the sea). This is also the reason why a lot of Brazilians celebrate New Year at the beach. One of the biggest Reveillon party is in Copacobana beach Rio de Jainero.

New Year's Eve falls on a summer in Brazil. White is just the perfect get-up color for a cooler feel. Wearing white can be a bit tricky. You don't want to appear like someone from the medical field nor too holy. Material and details of the dress are the key to getting the flawless white ensemble. Plus don't underestimate the power of accessorizing. Any hue can complement white clothes but the best for me are gold and turquoise.

Below are some inspiration to make it a hit....

L - white lace dress R- tube dress shaped using a gold belt

white shorts on white top - belts made the outfit

sophisticated white ensemble for those having a formal party

L - white ruffled skirt on a basic white tank R - white casual dress paired with an ankle boots

white dresses complemented with accessories in bold colors red and yellow

I must start conceptualizing my Reveillon 2011 white ensemble. 22 days to go.

26 November 2010

Polished Ponytail

The less special hairstyle you wear when working out has recently become the glamorous look for formal affairs. Polished ponytail is so effortless and almost if not all women can do it themselves (unless she has a pixie cut). For your next formal, save those pennies and do your own polished look with these simple guide:

 1. blowdry your hair using a round brush
 2. gather the hair at the back (at least few inches from your nape)
3.  secure the gathered hair with an elastic band
4.  wrap the elastic band with small piece of hair to conceal it
5. apply light mousse or serum to achieve a well-groomed look

That easy!

25 November 2010

Spring/Summer 2011 Lingerie and Swimwear Colors

If you guys are wondering on what color of lingerie and swimwear to buy for S/S 2011 above is a guide on the hue that you should be picking. The colour trend was  interpreted by INTERFILIERE PARIS - a leading trade fair for intimates and beachwear fabrics.

Wow! This is just a variety of option for us.

24 November 2010

Best Dressed AMA 2010

Here are my top 5 picks for the 38th American Music Awards.

Sheryll Crow - the 48-yr old singer in this paisley inspired gown.

Jessica Alba - black shoulder dress with her gold accessories.

Heidi Klum - see-through black lace gown.

Christine Teigen - John Legend's ladylove in bow-adorned nude gown.

Julie Benz - black gown and sparkling stilletos (almost the same ensemble as Jessica Alba)

Maybelline Mousse


A recommendation based on my more than 2 yrs experience with Maybelline Dream Mousse. The make-up base I use either on regular days or speacial events. Best suits my oily skin that gives flawless matte finish. Mousse as its top quality is very light.

Costs around 12 USD.

21 November 2010

Ladylike Look

On the runways these days is 50's to 60's inspired look re full skirt which is one of the ladylike style. Another way to achieve the ladylike look is through those slim-silhouetted dresses, a way effortless than full skirt ensemble. On the third and last wedding invitation for this month, went out in ladylike look achieved by the silhouette dress described as follows:

a. a slim-silhouette dress - showing those enviable curves enhanced by the belt

b. below the knee length - a lady is refined / conservative

c. sky- high heels

d. bold red lipstick

Shop the Look:

dress - 2k php - vittorio SM ladies dep't (designer's section)- phils
shoes - dumond brazil
cardigan - 35 reais - jacutinga
belt - 45 reais - espaco limitado
red lipstick - bodyshop
earrings - pink bjoux

Guys, allow me to commend my husband for doing my curls. No he's defintely not a gay, but yes I got him to help me with my hair. Did my own make-up.

Ladylike look is one of those classic elegance that will never lost its place in fashion.

18 November 2010

Soft Colour

Am dreamin´for this gown by Mango S/S 2011 for my next ball..Love its soft mono colour and natural flow.

17 November 2010

Full Skirt

From Louis Vitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith etc., FULL SKIRTS graced the runways. Inspired by late 50´s to 60´s fashion and yes, they have found theír way back into fashion again. The pattern is like a full circle gathered at the top making your waist appear thinner. Hemmed at the bottom that falls right on your knee or below it.

So girls, you may raid your grandma´s closet now..for sure you´re gonna find lots of them in there. How to make it contemporary? Wear a top that is form fitting. You don´t wanna miss out those womanly curves. You can also wear a belt for an additional definition. To make it formal, pointy sky-high heels will suit it best.

This trend reminds me of my sister who loves wearing full skirt. The style is ultra feminine, grown-up and prim and proper.

13 November 2010

Hot Pink

Hot pink long gown for last night´s wedding. We participated as `padrinhos´(godparents) for Thaty and Delie´s church blessing as husband and wife. Ensemble complemented by barely there make-up and an elevated hair,bun at the back of the head. Chose this gown as it is not flashy and the fabric is just flowing lightly. It´s neither too soft nor hard.

Gown is from Saõ Joaõ and Ms. Cassia Furlenato for my hair and make-up.

me and my gorgeous hubby..

08 November 2010

Organizing Flipflops

I've got a closet almost twice my height. On top of it is where my footwear are. Everytime I need to get a pair, a chair has to be pulled so I can reach them. Not an issue with those shoes I seldom wear. With flipflops I need to use everyday it is such a stressful routine. The chair is a bit of heavy and few steps are necessary to put it back to where it belongs. So pulled out flipflops from the closet and organize them in a basket tray. The tray is then placed on the floor where I can easily grab a pair. Viola! (miss obssessive compulsive)- sort of. Unlike other footwear, rubber slippers can be set anywhere as they are not vulnerable to any temperature changes.

07 November 2010

Simple Pleasure

It's a sunny Sunday today as compared to yesterday's rainy weather. Though sunny we've got no plans of going anywhere. Woke up at 10AM, my usual time. Prepared grilled chix and salad for lunch. While the chix was inside the oven, I started cleaning the bedroom and the entire living room. My mom in-law is quite sick since Thursday. She had a bad fall from the stairs while bringing Eduardo his afternoon snack. Her back is still painful up to now. She's supposed to be having her suntan while dipping into our small pool. After enjoying a little water she would go talk to her plants and cut flowers for our living room. It's time to change the flowers. Since i'm quite in the mood today, might as well do it. But hey, funny 'coz I needed to go to her bedroom first and consult her if I can use those flowers near the river (there's small river in the garden - where water from the town's lake go through going to another lake at the back of our house). I wasn't sure if she would like it as I have never seen her use those flowers. Luckily, she said "Yes! You can do whatever you want. This is your home, the house is yours!". So here are my simple flower arrangements for the dining table and the long table beside the living room. Done with a lot of "carinho" (sweetness) and a little of creativity. Such a pleasurable experience and I want to do it more often.

The flower is called Hydrangea and very common in Japan, China and Korea. They only bloom in spring to late autumn.

Free flowers from the garden made my Sunday! A simple pleasure indeed.

06 November 2010


Attended yesterday our first of three wedding invitations this month. Stepped out in NUDE dress I bought 8 months ago in Kissaman Andradas (knew then that wedding invitations will keep coming this year). A shift from my usual little black dress. I´ve realized nude color made my bronzed skin appear lighter. It was so fresh complemented by heavy eye make-up and nude lipstick. Sorry this is the only pic I can post. My photographer was kind of lazy getting good shots last night. Wore black open pumps (dumond) with it.

I couldn´t say that Nude is the new black. Nude is a bit of sweet while black is powerful. Black can be worn both by slim or curvy women, I don´t think nude suits heavy women. If nude dress can be worn with black accessories? Definitely you may!
The wedding was from my husband´s bandmate who dated the bride for 12 yrs. Parabéns Gil and Priscilla!

01 November 2010

Mango A/W 2011 Campaign - The Making

Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend Johannes Huebl are the new Mango models in addition to Scarlett Johansson.

Watch out the video for the making of the new campaign for Mango A/W 2010-2011.

29 October 2010


I´ve been wondering why can´t I see any TABITA store around the region. Yes I´ve seen their products redistributed by shoe stores carrying different brands. But with their beautiful designs and variety of product why are they not putting up a store that carries just TABITA footwear like the way Dumond, Arezzo, Via Uno etc do. I had my first pair of tabita sandals last year, bought in a shoe store in Vargenhia, I just love them. In Pinhal, Cortume sells TABITA footwear but they don´t have the complete line. I´ve learned that this shoe brand has a manufacturing site in Rio Grande do Sul. They can produce 3,000 pairs per day with the distribution of 70% local (Brazil) and 30% European market. 39 years in shoe business. Their prices are just fair, around R$ 80-150 a pair.

Above are my picks from TABITA´s Summer 2011 Collection.

Sigh. Where can I find them?..hmmm...might as well try online shopping. Quite afraid doing it online. Like I need to try the shoe first if it fits me well in terms of size, color and design. My brazilian friends, please advise where can I get them.

23 October 2010

Birthday Party

Thadeu turned 15 yesterday and his family threw him an intimate party for closest friends. The party was held at celebrant´s house and called for a dress down look. The first look I had with the yellow regata shirt from Jacutinga.

gold gladiator sandals - Tabita
white bandeau - SM dept store
denim shorts - vintage shop in Pinas
camel belt - Cortume
gold hoops and bange set

For a bit of twist, knotted my belt and braided my hair.

My husband upon seeing the ensemble said.. ´the hue blends with your skintone very well` - made me SMILE.

My super funny husband.


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