07 November 2010

Simple Pleasure

It's a sunny Sunday today as compared to yesterday's rainy weather. Though sunny we've got no plans of going anywhere. Woke up at 10AM, my usual time. Prepared grilled chix and salad for lunch. While the chix was inside the oven, I started cleaning the bedroom and the entire living room. My mom in-law is quite sick since Thursday. She had a bad fall from the stairs while bringing Eduardo his afternoon snack. Her back is still painful up to now. She's supposed to be having her suntan while dipping into our small pool. After enjoying a little water she would go talk to her plants and cut flowers for our living room. It's time to change the flowers. Since i'm quite in the mood today, might as well do it. But hey, funny 'coz I needed to go to her bedroom first and consult her if I can use those flowers near the river (there's small river in the garden - where water from the town's lake go through going to another lake at the back of our house). I wasn't sure if she would like it as I have never seen her use those flowers. Luckily, she said "Yes! You can do whatever you want. This is your home, the house is yours!". So here are my simple flower arrangements for the dining table and the long table beside the living room. Done with a lot of "carinho" (sweetness) and a little of creativity. Such a pleasurable experience and I want to do it more often.

The flower is called Hydrangea and very common in Japan, China and Korea. They only bloom in spring to late autumn.

Free flowers from the garden made my Sunday! A simple pleasure indeed.

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