30 April 2011


Born 6th September 1983. The only sister of Princess Kate is tagged now as a Princess without bad habits. Getting all the attention from men, designers, and things but doesn´t have all the duties. My male students today triggered this blog post. For them, Pippa is really beautiful and not even comparable to Kate´s beauty.

29 April 2011

Dinner & Dance

Kate´s second gown for the day. Another Sarah Burton creation for Alexander McQueen. Gown fit for a dinner and dance with 300 guests at Buckingham Palace. Another simple yet, elegant gown fit for a princess. Full skirt, cinched on the waist with diamante completed with a demure 50´s inspired sweater.

getty images

DIY Make-up

As expected Kate Middleton did her own make-up on her wedding day. It was reported that she did  make-up lessons at the palace before the big day.

So how does she look like? Soft beige smokey eyes, pale pink lips, thick black liner and a kind of heavy blush. Man, I adore her for doing it herself! Au Naturel. With her features and clear face, so much contouring nor heavy base is not really necessary.

and the Prince whispered...`you look beautiful´..upon her arrival to the altar.

Getty Images

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown

The buzz is true. It´s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Kate Middleton´s wedding gown was finally revealed. A very simple gown. V-neck with long lace sleeves. The veil is not so long unlike Princess Diana´s. She is wearing a diamond tiara borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II. Hair is in half pony. Make-up is barely-there. She´s also carrying a small bouquet of white blooms. So Kate Middleton, who has a classic and simple choice of fashion.

 photos by Getty Images

25 April 2011


When in doubt simplify.

A night before Easter I did a lot of mix and match but nothing really satisfied me. Got new clothes purchased months ago and still unused but I couldn´t decide on what to wear. After several tries I opted to wear my ever reliable t-shirt paired with a mini-skirt. Didn´t even bother to wear a lot of accessories aside from my usual watch and wedding ring.  No earrings! Simple yet perfect for an Easter Sunday Lunch with family. Happy Easter!!!

Hering Shirt A&F Skirt Dumond Wedge Societa Belt
Pls click on the photo for a higher reso

18 April 2011


More shoe finds for autumn/winter 2011. Of course all of them are brazilian brands.....



via uno



07 April 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011 Textile Colour Trend

Source : Spin Expo - an international trade fair for yarns, knits, and fiber. Held both in New York and   Shanghai.





Photos courtesy of Fashionising.

Gravity - Defying Hairstyle

Gravity - defying hairstyle re HIGH BUN is taking over fashion scene these days. Doable if you´re hair length is at least shoulder level. Ok. Some would call it crazy, but done right you are sure hitting a glam look. I haven´t tried it though for a formal occassion.  Instead of wearing the regular ponytail, I would usually pull off high bun when running errands in downtown or working out at the gym. Really effortless and refreshing. Can you pull off high bun without looking prissy?

Photos below for inspiration.

your kids can wear it too!!!

Zara April 2011

One thing that caught me in Zara´s April Lookbook is this grey shirt. You can use it in creating lots of ensemble. Knowing Zara, it´s no costly at all. A must-buy....

06 April 2011

Dove Ultimate

93% of women consider their armpit UGLY. (Unilever study). Weeh..I belong to 7%. I seriously love my armpit. Few hair grows on it and has the same tone as the rest of my body. Lucky girl. Never got shy wearing sleeveless. Thanks to my mom who recommended Allum when I started sweating badly. I kept using it together with Eskinol Clear until I arrived in Brazil. Haven´t seen Allum nor Eskinol Clear here. Now, i´m using Dove antiperspirant cream when I need to (rarely sweat). Dove performs almost equally good as Allum.

As per ad this new Dove Ultimate will not only keep you from smelling, but will also make your armpit look better. Looking forward to spreading Dove Ultimate on my armpit.


April 5, yesterday TOMS celebrated One Day Without Shoes. This annual event is an awareness campaign for those kids in need. A pair of TOMS white slip-on purchased, a child in need receives a pair of shoes. Did you go shoeless yesterday?

Blake Mycoskie (founder) - best piece of advice ever received..`the more you give, the more you live.´

Anyway, I love these pairs! Where can I get TOMS in Brazil?

02 April 2011

FlipFlops and Kate Middleton

Am not so into the details of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. So happen that I´ve got nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon that I accidentally browsed through the royal wedding blog by yahoo shine. I´ve read bunch of articles and realized the pair of Havaianas I bought last January has the same designer as Kate Middleton´s engagement dress. And I was like..oohhh lucky me for grabbing a limited pair by the famous designer Daniella Issa Helayel. Maybe this pair is the most sought after flipflops right now in London.

Actually when I first saw this at the store. No brainer. I bought it. Purchased at R$ 36,90. Am surely keeping it for long. I felt like a princess!


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