31 December 2011

Year Ender

A quite classic look to end 2011. Donned a full skirt 50´s inspired dress last night to a graduation party.

another dress from Kissaman Andradas - black lace dress paired with high peep toes by Dumond,  leopards and pearls (Philippines)

 kind of low at the back

curled my hair a little

 destruction: my wedding and 2nd yr aniv rings and turquoise cocktail rings

the venue..reception area of the municipal lake

This is going to be the closing entry of the blog for 2011 so allow me to share my 2012 goals as follows:

1. see family and friends
2. travel (explore another country)
3. earn "money"
4. exercise more
5. curate wardrobe
6. keep blogging
7. pray often
9.  LOVE more
10. LIVE 

Feliz Ano Novo!!!

27 December 2011

Memorable 2011 Outfits

Reminds me how much I had fun creating every ensemble I´ve shared in 2011. Hello 2012!

26 December 2011

Living Room Inspiration

Every time we visit Juliana's home (our wedding godmother) the dream of having my own home becomes stronger taking her living room as an inspiration. I really find her living room beautiful, cozy and comfortable, well ventilated  and well lighted and should I need to mention clean.  Love how everything complements the whole ambiance. But you know the best thing about this structure is that a happy family of three resides in it and where every member is very accommodating.

19 December 2011

Sparkling Blue Smoky Eyes

A combination of black, shiny purple and dark blue eyeshadows. Smoky eyes you can try for the holidays.

Photos courtesy of fashionising.

18 December 2011

Maxi Dress

Got invited to a 9th grade graduation ball last night both for a photography engagement and dance party. Donned an old maxi dress, made my hair into a chignon and completed the look with a nude make-up. The dress was originally with a lace ribbon that you can tie on the back or in front. I had it altered recently by using the same lace ribbon as an accent to the chest and permanent lace straps. Viola! a whole new dress. Am happy that the dressmaker made it the way I wanted it to be. The graphic design of the dress and the way it flows gave it a 70s vibe. Did my own hair and make-up.

Dress from Kissaman Andradas (they have another branch somewhere in Metro Sao Paulo)

Biancs in red gown - the graduate. She´s that tall at 14 yrs old. Biancs could me a model but she´s quite shy. Thadeu with me on the left photo dancing the traditional waltz. Felt like a debutant. It was one great night!

01 December 2011

Nivea Brasil Projeto Fashion Black & White

Remember when I blogged about Summer Neutrals (here), submitted the look to Nivea Brasil´s Projeto Fashion Black and White in partership with two famous brazilian bloggers. Today, a partner blogger Um Ano Sem Zara chose my entry (w/another 2) for her blog. Am just overwhelmed by it. Call it fulfillment.


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