18 December 2011

Maxi Dress

Got invited to a 9th grade graduation ball last night both for a photography engagement and dance party. Donned an old maxi dress, made my hair into a chignon and completed the look with a nude make-up. The dress was originally with a lace ribbon that you can tie on the back or in front. I had it altered recently by using the same lace ribbon as an accent to the chest and permanent lace straps. Viola! a whole new dress. Am happy that the dressmaker made it the way I wanted it to be. The graphic design of the dress and the way it flows gave it a 70s vibe. Did my own hair and make-up.

Dress from Kissaman Andradas (they have another branch somewhere in Metro Sao Paulo)

Biancs in red gown - the graduate. She´s that tall at 14 yrs old. Biancs could me a model but she´s quite shy. Thadeu with me on the left photo dancing the traditional waltz. Felt like a debutant. It was one great night!

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