29 January 2011

Cheerful Bubble Gum

Reported by WhoWhatWear was this trend called bubble gum stripes. A shift from your usual black and white - blue and white alterations is this brighter cheerful stripes as dictated by S/S 2011 Runways of Prada, Celine, Fendi and Marc Jacobs.

If you are still confused on what range of colours are included on the bubble gum stripes here is the palette.

Or better yet, just think about the bubble gum that flows out from the vending machine.

The key to this trend is pairing it with solid separates. If you're wearing a bubble gum striped skirt, a solid top must be worn. Mixing one to two bold colors is also advised. Yey! can't wait to create my own ensemble.

27 January 2011

Havaianas by Issa

Summer on it's 2nd month in Brazil. Frequent light rains here but freakin' hot when the sun shines. Havs' still my pick for the most comfortable wear this season. My latest purchase is this Havaianas by Issa. A contrast of neon pink and black with heart prints - cute!!!

Issa is a clothing line in London by a Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel. Havaianas by Issa was launched in Sao Paulo 18 Oct 2010.

the complete Issa Collection
Grab yours now! Priced at R$ 36,90.

17 January 2011

Golden Globe 2011

Congratulations Natalie Portman (Black Swan) for winning the best actress award, Colin Firth (The King´s Speech) best actor, The Social Network as best picture.

The awards night wouldn´t be complete without the list of best dressed. Scroll down for my picks.

best among the best - Eva Longoria

 i don´t like her bangs though

13 January 2011

Landslide - Rio de Jainero

As of today, Thursday, 13 January 2011, 381 bodies were recovered from the area affected by the mudslide in Rio de Jainero. The number of victims will still rise as rescue operations continue. Thousands of families have been evacuated to different centers. Heavy rains caused the landslide last Tuesday , 11 January in Serrana Region, state of Rio de Jainero. Among the cities most affected are Novo Friburgo, Teresopolis, and Petropolis (one of the best cities in Rio de Jainero).  The tragedy is the worst natural disaster in 43 years.

Photos courtesy of Globo.

Tropical rains is usual in Southeast part of Brazil during summer. As far as I can remember, it's been raining since January 1 and was predicted to continue until March. To all my family and friends, nothing to worry. We are on the safe place and very far the disaster area. May I ask for your prayers for all the victims, their families and the whole of Brazil.  

06 January 2011


Tall but sweet to your feet. It gives you the additional height less of the pain. WEDGE. A footwear with a heel that runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front . Unlike stilettos they give your feet more support thus comfy to walk in. Suits every woman in whatever form or generation she is. Like my mother in law, at 67 she wears it more often than her flats. Odd if worn with pencil skirts or straight cut pants. Hot with shorts, flowing skirts, mini skirts, and boho style.

abie wearing her strappy platform wedge - blue strap and dark brown heels made it a hit

throwback from 70s vibe

my extra light banana republic wedge worn with a sundress

latest purchase from Dumond - ankle strap wedge

In essence I am a fan. Who wouldn't be if you're vertically challenged with a husband that's around 9 inches taller than you?

05 January 2011

Key Looks for 2011

How will fashion scene appear in 2011? Fashion shows and street style dominantly lean on the the following looks:

70s sophisticated look
70s boho chic

70's Glam -includes high-waist wide leg pants, silk and satin blouses,  maxi-dresses, high platforms, exotic jewelries, long shimmering slinky gowns, big statement leather belts, and the boho chic

60s full skirt
silhouette dress

full skirt dress
60's Ladylike - full skirt, pointy pumps, silhouette dress with below the knee hem, bold red lipstick, leather clutch in pastel, kitten heels

studs as accents
Punk - studs on your top or bottom and shoes, combat boots and leather pants.

biker jacket
Biker - motorcycle jacket with the zipped sleeves and the quilt, leather pants, leather skirt, motorcyle boots.

03 January 2011

Oscar Freire

Oscar Freire Street is the the place for hi-end shopping in Sao Paulo. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Armani, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Marc Jacobs etc have stores in this street. According to Excellence Mystery Shopping International Oscar Freire Street is the 8th most luxurious street in the world and second in the Americas behind 5th Avenue in New York
Melissa Store in Oscar Freire - from afar you can already smell the ´melissa plastic`

 fiber optic was installed to eliminate electric posts

I had a very relaxing `window´shopping experience here. Lots of beautiful men around..yey!


If you are an Asian who resides in Brazil, Liberdade is the place where you can feel like you´re just home. A hub of Japanese-Brazilian nationals where not only Japanese food can be found but almost all types of Asian Cuisine. I felt so happy knowing that this place exists here. I´ve been longing to eat one of my favorite chinese bread called SIOPAO. Yes, I found it here.

December 29 when me, Eduardo, Ellen and Elis conquered this super busy street of Liberdade, located inside Metro Sao Paulo. I treated them a lunch fiesta at a chinese restaurant. A bit expensive but the food was authentic chinese with real chinese people serving you (they dont even know how to speak potuguese). First time for my 3 companions and my first too since I arrived in Brazil 18 months ago. In Liberdade you can also find a lot of groceries selling asian food, shops of chinese and japanese ornaments, and a lot of asian stuffs. Most people walking around are japanese. I love the place and surely will I go back to enjoy asian cuisine.

a japanese snack i used to buy at SM supermarket food stalls (forgot the name) eaten very hot with chili sauce and lemon

Chi Fu Restaurant - serving an authentic chinese food

finally! a chinese food - one of my favorite cuisine

Reaching Liberdade is very easy. Metro Train stops at this station and upon going down the stairs of railway Liberdade charm awaits you.


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