13 January 2011

Landslide - Rio de Jainero

As of today, Thursday, 13 January 2011, 381 bodies were recovered from the area affected by the mudslide in Rio de Jainero. The number of victims will still rise as rescue operations continue. Thousands of families have been evacuated to different centers. Heavy rains caused the landslide last Tuesday , 11 January in Serrana Region, state of Rio de Jainero. Among the cities most affected are Novo Friburgo, Teresopolis, and Petropolis (one of the best cities in Rio de Jainero).  The tragedy is the worst natural disaster in 43 years.

Photos courtesy of Globo.

Tropical rains is usual in Southeast part of Brazil during summer. As far as I can remember, it's been raining since January 1 and was predicted to continue until March. To all my family and friends, nothing to worry. We are on the safe place and very far the disaster area. May I ask for your prayers for all the victims, their families and the whole of Brazil.  

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