02 January 2011

70's Boho

I never thought that shopping for white ensemble would be that tough. I had 3 days to go around shopping centers in Sao Paulo, Jundiai and Itupeva but the stores couldn't seem to satisfy my sense of style. Noon of 31st December when I decided to go for this embroidered  white dress. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to wear for New Year's Eve but with time constraints I opted to create 70's Bohemian look out of it.

As effortless as it is, Boho look was achieved by a flowing dress with an interesting embroidery.

chunky chandelier earrings

a pile of thin bangles and a chunky wedge

A blessing in disguise, I stayed comfortable with this look the whole night. Another fashion emergency got served. Happy New Year Everyone! Feliz Ano Novo!

dress - Riachuelo Jundiai Downtown
shoes - Dumond
earrings - Riachuelo Jundiai Downtown

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