06 January 2011


Tall but sweet to your feet. It gives you the additional height less of the pain. WEDGE. A footwear with a heel that runs under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front . Unlike stilettos they give your feet more support thus comfy to walk in. Suits every woman in whatever form or generation she is. Like my mother in law, at 67 she wears it more often than her flats. Odd if worn with pencil skirts or straight cut pants. Hot with shorts, flowing skirts, mini skirts, and boho style.

abie wearing her strappy platform wedge - blue strap and dark brown heels made it a hit

throwback from 70s vibe

my extra light banana republic wedge worn with a sundress

latest purchase from Dumond - ankle strap wedge

In essence I am a fan. Who wouldn't be if you're vertically challenged with a husband that's around 9 inches taller than you?

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