03 January 2011


If you are an Asian who resides in Brazil, Liberdade is the place where you can feel like you´re just home. A hub of Japanese-Brazilian nationals where not only Japanese food can be found but almost all types of Asian Cuisine. I felt so happy knowing that this place exists here. I´ve been longing to eat one of my favorite chinese bread called SIOPAO. Yes, I found it here.

December 29 when me, Eduardo, Ellen and Elis conquered this super busy street of Liberdade, located inside Metro Sao Paulo. I treated them a lunch fiesta at a chinese restaurant. A bit expensive but the food was authentic chinese with real chinese people serving you (they dont even know how to speak potuguese). First time for my 3 companions and my first too since I arrived in Brazil 18 months ago. In Liberdade you can also find a lot of groceries selling asian food, shops of chinese and japanese ornaments, and a lot of asian stuffs. Most people walking around are japanese. I love the place and surely will I go back to enjoy asian cuisine.

a japanese snack i used to buy at SM supermarket food stalls (forgot the name) eaten very hot with chili sauce and lemon

Chi Fu Restaurant - serving an authentic chinese food

finally! a chinese food - one of my favorite cuisine

Reaching Liberdade is very easy. Metro Train stops at this station and upon going down the stairs of railway Liberdade charm awaits you.


  1. Although it's glaringly apparent how much Asian cuisine has influenced Brazilian food-stuffs, it's nice to see some straight-up Chinese available to foreign nationals (and locals).
    Thanks for sharing!



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