28 June 2010


Sure they may be short in length but they are never short in style. Cropped jacket/cardigan is a trend that has been around sometime. It can be worn both during summer and winter and flatters almost every shape. A versatile item that can go from casual to formal depending on the fabric.

From layering, cold weather protection and covering unwanted fats in your arms, cropped jacket/cardigan will give you a shorcut way to looking great

Got mine from one of the stores in Jacutinga Minas Gerais, the Tricot Capital of Brasil as seen in the photo above. It is a kind of knitted fabric used in one of my wedding events in winter. Can't get enough of this cropped jacket, am still looking for a pair that I can use for casual daytime affair.

The search is on...

23 June 2010


Oh so unnatural beauty of Megan Fox. Considered as one of Hollywood's prettiest faces, Megan Fox appeared last June 17 in a movie premiere with a face like carved in stone. A cosmetic surgery done overboard!

She just destroyed her oozzing sex appeal..

19 June 2010


I had my nth brazilian wax session this afternoon. A former officemate told me about it and I was once able to accompany her in one of her sessions. That was back in 2008, few months later I had my first brazilian wax experience. Since then I´ve been having it regulary. How regular? Every 2 months. Basically for hygenic purposes and its pornographic appeal for my dear husband.

Brazilian waxing is a type of bikini wax where everything is removed. Front, back and everything in between. It is seriously painful. In my case, I only feel the pain during waxing. They said that when you do it regularly it won´t pain that much. False. Everytime you do it, you feel the same intensity of pain (maybe ´coz I do it just every 2 months?). I´m not a hairy person so it takes 2 months to grow like 1/4 - 1/2 inch which is the ideal length for the wax to grab on to. You´ll not be accepted if your hair is not long enough. If it´s more than the ideal, your waxer will trim it before waxing. Unlike shaving, it doesnt get itchy when hair starts to grow.

In the Philippines, I´ve tried Lay Bare and Red Salon (Salcedo Village Makati). Between the two, I would recommend Red Salon with Ms. Fei. She uses hot wax and can finish it in an everage of 15 minutes. Yes painful, but only during the waxing. No blisters after and pain reliever´s not necessary. In Lay Bare they use cold wax and it takes them 40-60 minutes to finish. They strip the hair in small amount that´s why. It was a bad experience with cold wax. I felt more pain and it was prolonged. Need I say I had a slight fever after the session. The pain continued even after the session. I never came back. Red Salon costs 650 php while Lay Bare costs around 350-450 php (can´t remember very well but its cheaper than Red Salon).

When I arrived in Brazil, I always had it with Ms. Ediluesa, who has been a waxer for 15 yrs. She´s really good at it like Ate Fei of Red Salon. Ms. Ediluesa charges me 12 brazilian real which is around 250-300 php. Am so satisifed with her service. The same with Red Salon she uses hot natural wax and can finish it in 15 minutes. No blisters, no red bumps, no creams after. You can even take a shower right away.


1. Overcome your fear. The pain is actually tolerable when you have lots of courage.
2. Go for the same waxer so you won´t bare all for another complete stranger.
3. Do it regularly. The more you do it, hair growth becomes fine and waxing gets easier and waxing time decreases ( but still painful).
4. It´s better to get a talkative waxer so you wouldn´t even notice that she´s about to pull your hair. You just knew it when the pain comes. When you know that the hair is about to be pulled, it psychologically adds to your pain.

Happy Brazilian Waxing!

Listen Up - FIFA World Cup Official Album

LISTEN UP is The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album. Profits from the record will be donated to FIFA’s “20 Centres for 2010”, an initiative which aims to create social change through sport and the construction of twenty “Football for Hope” centres for public health, education and football training in Africa.

Please check out http://www.listenupalbum.com/ for the complist list of the songs.

Another cause to support. Please do so.

Waka Waka T-Shirts

The true sprit of World Cup involves making a lasting contribution - Shakira

Inspired by World Cup 2010 anthem, MANGO and SHAKIRA launched a solidarity t-shirts for the benefit of elementary education on South Africa. The design of the t-shirts represents the spirit, vitality and of host Continent. The project is also in partnership with UNICEF and Barefoot Foundation.

Barefoot Foundation is a foundation created by Shakira which aims to seek education and nutrition opportunities for vulnerable and displaced children in Colombia and the rest of the world, in order to produce citizens committed to peaceful co-existence.

One of the principal schools to receive the profits, and which has the support of UNICEF, is the South Africa East Observatory School, which cares for children who have been orphaned or displaced by war. The school has around 560 children, 60% of whom are orphans due to civil war, while 20% have lost one of their parents as a result of the AIDS virus. This school offers a combination of a quality education with social support and a daily school nutrition programme, reflecting the commitment of UNICEF and the Barefoot Foundation towards child nutrition and general education programmes. Once this project has been completed, any additional funds from this campaign will be donated to other school projects in South Africa.

A total of four t-shirts, two models for women and two models for men, bearing the printed slogans “Waka Waka” and “This Time for Africa”, have been exclusively designed for the occasion. The t-shirts has been selling in MANGO stores worldwide since June 10.

As we cheer for our favorite FIFA World Cup 2010 team, let us also support its cause and add legacy to this historic moment.

Where is MANGO store in Sao Paulo by the way?

15 June 2010


Who has this portuguese football player dated? He helped Kim Kardashian regained her composure after Reggie Bush dumped her. Cristiano has also been linked to Paris Hilton, Karina Ferro, and Gemma Atkinson. His current rumored girlfriend is Irina Shayk, co-model for Armani Exchange.

This highest paid football player is also Armani´s poster boy. Born 5 February 1985. Ladies be warned. You might cross paths with Cristiano (why not give him a try)...LOL!

11 June 2010


World Cup 2010 opened yesterday and the first game re South Africa vs. Mexico has just finished. I would like to share the whole game schedule as posted above. You may click on the photo for higher resolution.

The time stated is Brazilian Time (GMT-3). For my followers in the Philippines please add 11 hours on the stated time.


09 June 2010


"the supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved"

Technology is here. Internet is everywhere. A friendly greeting via IM (Skype) started it all.

March 2007, a relaxing day at work when a message popped on my screen saying hi/hello. Profile - Sex: Male, Age: 23, Language: English, Location: Brazil. The fact that he was from Brazil brought me excitement. I love havaianas and i´ve got plans then of enrolling in a capoeira class. Here comes a guy I can chat with about some of my interests.

On the other side of the connection is him. He was finding people on skype to chat with so as to practice his english conversation ability. There he found my name and delighted to know that a Filipina can speak english. As a conversation starter, he sent me an IM. Portuguese is the only official language in Brazil. In daily conversation, business, sports, school etc. Everything is in portuguese. There are english subjects in school but that kind of curriculum just to teach basics and mostly (if not all) cannot learn fluent english from it. For a brazilian to have a comprehensive english learning they must enroll in an english school like WIZARD (where i teach) or have a private english class at home. Lucky for us Filipinos having two offical languages, Filipino and English. We don´t need to burn a hole in our pockets to be able to speak english.

To continue, virtual friendship has started and by May of the same year he said that he´s starting to like me and asked me if I can be his virtual girlfriend. Hello? Are you ok? Am not the type of woman who will go for a virtual romantic relationship. Prove yourself to me. Come to the Philippines. Meet my family and friends and from there we´ll see, as i´ve told him. Regular chatting continued. Everyday, yes everyday we would talk as if it was the thing that can complete our days. Three months after (August 2007) he couldn´t anymore hold himself and without any hesitation told me that he loves already. But then, there was another more shocking revelation. He was dating a girl for four years, another brazilian, a real relationship. The relationship was on the rocks and there was a confusion on his part. There´s one thing i´ve asked him, `can you be with this woman for the rest of your life´? Hell NO - he answered. I dared him to break up with her. Tried to take out his confusion and opened my heart to him. I would never give him up. I somehow fought for my love. From there, we have leveled up the virtual relationship. We got more infatuated with each other. Longer chatting hours, exchanged love letters, he would send me flowers and gifts to the office and the most risky part was the drawing of the action plan on how are we going to meet. I was firm about him going to the Philippines and not me meeting him anywhere else. Before the end of 2007 he was finally free from that 4-yr boring but real relationship.

Early part of 2008 when I finally realized that he was the man I wanted for my life. The virtual love affair has deepened that we were almost having each other (virtually) the whole day. I would sleep with my webcam on and vice versa. We were each other´s alarm clock every morning. Met his family, celebrated birthdays and holidays, he has seen my niece grown. Everything via webcam. We made dreams and made a life through bandwidth. When the plan about him going to the Philippines has finally been decided, he had problems getting the permission of his mom. My husband is an adopted child. Taken out from an orphanage in Sao Paulo when he was three years old. He was adopted by a 39-yr old spinster and gave him her family name and provided all the tangible and intangible things that a child needs. She´s his foster mom that treated him like her own child until now.

For the love of his son, she had no choice but to let him follow his dreams and support him all the way. He scheduled his trip to the Philippines, applied for a passport, and bought his tickets. December 17, 2008 he arrived in the Philippines. His first travel abroad and his first airplane ride. It was so tough for him but the desire to meet me was real strong. Without any doubt I appeared at the aiport to fetch him. And there he was! So beautiful in person. He´s tall, smelled good and got those strong chest. Oh man! I can´t resist this brasileiro. On top of it all he was able to prove me his good intentions - HIS LOVE - OUR LOVE - He wanted to consumate it for real.

35 days in the Philippines. We stayed together the whole period. Spent our first christmas and new year together. He met my family,relatives and friends. Carrie (my niece) was so fond of him. Thanks to my former boss for allowing me to be on vacation that long. He was such a conversationalist and was very friendly to everyone he met. During this vacation we were assured that we were meant for each other. The way we converse, the way we settle petty issues, respect and sustainable passion were there - everything fell into its right place. We made a decision to be together for the rest of our lives. End of 2009 we will be together for real everyday of our lives. January 21, 2009 he went back to Brazil. It was so heavy. Shed lots of tears (not at the airport please). When you have experienced the happiest days of your lives together, it was so difficult to be afar from each other again.

Back to reality, back to our virtual world. I remember him saying, it may be virtual but the feeling is so real....Am back to my regular days at work, he´s in Brazil with his stuffs. We couldn´t wait any longer, shortened the original plan. I gave up my promising career in the Philipines, a car to own and a good salary to name a few. With the blessing of my parents I flew to brazil 2nd of July 2009. It was a lot of risk. The risk was calculated. I was pretty sure that it will be compensated with non-material things that are far more important than having a good career. He was the man for me and he´s everything i´ve ever wanted. Ultimately I had to choose what´s my priority. The priority was to be able to raise a happy family of my own and to be with a man that can love and accept me for who I am through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

I arrived in Brazil July 3, 2009. My first travel abroad as well. Not for a vacation. For good. Adventure. A big big adventure that will change my whole life. The welcome was so overwhelming, I was accepted my his family wholeheartedly. Everybody was friendly, nice and so sweet. 3 months later, the brazilian judiciary granted our marriage license. We got married October 17, 2009. We made it! Loving each other more and more everyday. Seeing imperfections perfectly.

Call it fate, call it destiny...but we will never reach this stage consumating our real love everyday if we didn´t have the courage to cross beyond borders. Mr and Mrs Bacci, we are the most courageous man and woman so to speak.


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