29 March 2011

Bungee Cord

Not for your extreme sports..but for your hair..Ditch those rubber bands that damage your hair. Next time ponytail comes your mind you may want to consider bungee cord to tie your hair.

Sheer Skirt

If I still live in Banawe/Retiro where I only need one jeepney ride to Divisoria, I would run go get a ride the soonest possible. I´m insanely obsessed with this skirt right now. Tutuban Mall in Divisoria will surely give me the right garment for this skirt at a relatively cheap price. No idea where can I find cheap but good quality garments in Brazil like chiffon, tule, silk etc..

Sigh. I so miss Divisoria...

Flare Jeans

I can well remember the first time I had my flare pants. I was in 2nd year college back in 1999. A cheap pair of jeans from Greenhills Shopping Center. Back then, wide-leg pants were in but they were tailored on the hips and tight on the knees. Now they´re back with the inspiration from the 70´s. Not a hipster type but tailored with a mid to high waist.

´´In 2011, we'd recommend jeans that are more fitted on the thigh - lean to flared legs or moderately wide legs rather than wide legged jean styles that are too baggy or that lack shape´´ - fashionising.

hem at least as wide as your foot

loose on the knee

Another vintage look you can sport!

23 March 2011

Havaianas Soul Collection

Now I find no reason to still wear havaianas come the cold season. With this soul collection, I can enjoy the lightness of havs rubber while keeping my feet warm on a dry winter less of snow and rain.

Launched in Espa├žo Havaianas in April last year. Available in Brazil for R$ 49.90 - R$74,90. The collection is composed of three designs namely, Urbis Mid, Urbis Low, and Origine

Origine (spadrille)

evolution - from slippers to sneakers

Urbis Low

Urbis Mid

 planning to get this come winter

Not all havaianas stores in Brazil have this collection. Already available in Europe and USA. Not sure about other countries. Please check havaianas site to confirm. Can´t wait to have mine!

21 March 2011

Fun Fashion - Michelle Obama & Kids in Brazil

Last weekend the US first family was in Brazil for a state visit. First Lady Michelle Obama and her kids were spotted in fun fashion while going around Brazil. Wow! That's soooo Brazil where FUN is the name of the GAME!!!...Browse through to check out what they were dressed in.

bubble gum stripes by Marc Jacobs

13 March 2011

Cruise Dress Code

Gone are the days when crusin' is strictly formal. With cruise lines getting diverse so has the dress code onboard. Cruising with Pullmantur is no complicated at all. On daytime we were allowed to wear informal clothes while hanging around the ship. Smart casual for dinner was required (though some were in formal wear).  Depending on the duration of the cruise, a formal wear may be required for a "gala night".

maxi dress for dinner and after dinner parties

a dress for a tropical night

another dress for dinner

gym clothes for working out and other sports activities

daytime wear

swimwear for a summer cruise

cover-up - dining in swimwear at the buffet area near the pool is not allowed.

Before packing for the cruise, ask your travel agency on the dress code of the cruise line and what kind of parties they have at night. This will ensure right outfit packed.

Happy sailing!

Dresses 1-3 - Kissaman Andradas
Sportswear - malwee (leggings) dkny (top) nike (shoes)
Daytime wear - Hering (shorts/top) via marte (sandals)
Bikini Mix - ritratti (top) salinas http://www.salinas-rio.com.br/  (bottom)
Cover-up - julia tricot
Slippers - havaianas

10 March 2011

Winter Wish

I wish I could have these footwear come winter...

peep-toe from Via Uno

boots from Via Uno ( love the chain on it)

Reminds of the saying...everything starts with a dream..who knows? might get them...

08 March 2011

Metallic Logo

Got this as a birthday gift from my brazilian friend Thaty...new havs flipflops! My first havaianas with metallic logo....I just love it!!! Will be kept for awhile until spring 2011 arrives. Cold season is about to start.


Am getting compliments from this get-up so might as well share how I created the look. The ensemble was worn during the first day of our cruise.

washed denim shorts - Hering
white top under - Malwee (without the vest it looks so revealing)
tan belt - vintage shop
vest - Julia Tricot ( very light knit)
sandals - via marte

Hair - dried naturally (no blower nor iron)
Barely there make-up - used two types of mascara for longer lashes (boticario), volume (maybelline)
- swept small amount of blush on my cheeks (bodyshop)
- mix of nude lipsticks from maybelline and boticario

PS: tuck-in the fitted under shirt so it won't look lousy.

07 March 2011

Buzios and Praia Privativa

Stopovers we had from our brazilian cruise are Buzios and Pria Privativa. Both are beaches and are located in state of Rio de Jainero.

First stop was Buzios, a city with 30,000 habitants where a greater part are Argentinians. One of the tourist spots in Rio de Jainero that has different beach resorts. What to expect from the city? Beautiful apartments and hotels, restaurants, shopping centers that caters mostly to foreign guests. Unfortunately, wasn't able to dip on its salty water. It was drizzling and water was cold. 

Next set of pictures were taken from Pria Privativa. Our second stopover. A private beach that offers water sports like kayak, banana boat, snorkeling and a lot more. Fine sand, waves, and not so crystal clear water (but good enough to swim). Restos are not as diversified like the ones in Buzios. Souvenir shops exists. Beers are expensive like Skol in can that normally costs R$ 2,00 at the stores are being sold at the beach for R$ 6,00.

Pullmantur Sovereign Cruise

Cruise the first time with Pullmantur Sovereign Cruise Ship. 4 days and 3 nights sailing within coasts of Brazil. It was an amazing experience. The ship was luxurious, elegant and offers high level of comfort while sailing. A whole lot of entertainment day and night with an all inclusive package. Sovereign is the biggest ship of Pullmantur and also the insignia vessel of the company. Got lucky to have experienced cruising with them. Excellent crew service with almost 50% Filipinos. The cruise was a part of my birthday celebration and a honeymoon as well. Enjoyed immensely!

Scroll down to get a sneak peek of what Sovereign is like.

Best vacation so far. Hoping to go on another cruise, longer and farther soon.


I was kind of unhappy a day before my birthday. I was leaving my 20s and hello 30s. Oh man, im getting old. I didn't want February 25 to arrive. There's nothing I can do the clock keeps ticking. I wasn't able to escape from getting 30. Anyway, nothing was planned that day as we had a planed trip to celebrate my birthday. Nevertheless, my husband gave me a suprise (again!). A breakfast in bed. In portuguese they call it "sexta de cafe da manha". Something new to me as it does not exist in Pinoy culture. Sexta is a complete breakfast set with flowers that you can buy from restos serving breakfast. Browse through to see what happened on the morning of my birthday...

sexta de cafe da manha

wasn't so prepared for the pictorial..just woke up

At night, after work Tia Vilma fetched me at school. We had a simple dinner at their home. Received flowers and gifts and made me blow a candle with the torta de chantilly. The night didn't stop there, Mom and Du arrived so we can go out for pizza and chopp (brazilian draft beer). Ended the night at a small bar and drank cachaca to death...


        emporio de cachaca bar - a cacacha is strong brazilian liquour from sugar cane

make a wish

So blessed and happy to have a lot of people around loving me. Got lots of greetings from family and friends. Thank you all for the warm wishes and kind words. I will forever be grateful to have you all in my life. Lord, I thank you for everything. I praise you for making things possible and great! Will continue to celebrate life everyday.


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