07 March 2011


I was kind of unhappy a day before my birthday. I was leaving my 20s and hello 30s. Oh man, im getting old. I didn't want February 25 to arrive. There's nothing I can do the clock keeps ticking. I wasn't able to escape from getting 30. Anyway, nothing was planned that day as we had a planed trip to celebrate my birthday. Nevertheless, my husband gave me a suprise (again!). A breakfast in bed. In portuguese they call it "sexta de cafe da manha". Something new to me as it does not exist in Pinoy culture. Sexta is a complete breakfast set with flowers that you can buy from restos serving breakfast. Browse through to see what happened on the morning of my birthday...

sexta de cafe da manha

wasn't so prepared for the pictorial..just woke up

At night, after work Tia Vilma fetched me at school. We had a simple dinner at their home. Received flowers and gifts and made me blow a candle with the torta de chantilly. The night didn't stop there, Mom and Du arrived so we can go out for pizza and chopp (brazilian draft beer). Ended the night at a small bar and drank cachaca to death...


        emporio de cachaca bar - a cacacha is strong brazilian liquour from sugar cane

make a wish

So blessed and happy to have a lot of people around loving me. Got lots of greetings from family and friends. Thank you all for the warm wishes and kind words. I will forever be grateful to have you all in my life. Lord, I thank you for everything. I praise you for making things possible and great! Will continue to celebrate life everyday.

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