30 May 2011

Indispensable Black Pumps

In a corporate dress code black pumps is an unobjectionable necessity. But hey, this is not only for corporate women. Black pumps is effing essential part of every girl´s closet. It is a versatile item that you can match with a dress, shorts, skirt or pants. One can walk in black pumps in either formal or casual outfit.  The question would lie on up to how high can you carry it. Personally, I opt to have black pumps in three inches with a slim heels. Apparently, it gives me the right height and I can still comfortably walk with it.

Splurge on it!
who wouldn´t want this red-soled Louboutins?

For all men out there. You can never go wrong giving your woman a pair.

29 May 2011

Contemporary Knit

Knit (tricot in portuguese) is one of the best type of clothes that can make you hot during winter. Fortunately, I live in South of Minas Gerais, home of quality knits in Brazil. There´s a lot of factory around the region where knitwear are manufactured for distribution both locally and abroad.  Got tons of knit in my closet which mostly were gifts from brazilian friends.

Wearing knit could be tricky. You don´t want to look like your grandma. Today´s ensemble is a mini-dress from F&H Philippines paired with two different forms of knitwear. The pink one that looks like heavy (but actually very light) and the other, a cardigan cinched on the waist with a belt. As shown, knitwear as a top made my mini-dress a mini-skirt. The solid blue color added vibrance to the ensemble. Black pantyhose could be an ultimate addition to the ensemble after sunset.

Enjoyed this photoshoot. Location is quite lovely - Albertina Municipal Lake.

Acrila Tricot (pink cardigan), F&H Philippines blue dress, Dumond shoes

Walking in Red Flats

Two consecutive days wearing the new red flats (as shown here), paired with yummy winter knits. One was worn Friday going to school and a dinner after and the other was to watch my husband´s regular football game on Saturday. What´s best with this red shoes is that it can be paired with almost any look from daytime to after sunset wear, pants to miniskirts to dresses. Drawing into a conclusion that a red flats is a must-have for every woman.
 friday ensemble - miniskirt+pantyhose+animal print top+knit

saturday ensemble - pants+blue knit+two-toned scarf

26 May 2011

Glimpse: Quarto de Hóspedes

The charm of vintage pieces in a guest room. This is our partially finished project needing betterments so as to offer our guests a relaxing place to stay. Take a glimpse of what you can expect should you be a visitor of our laid-back home.

Once finished, no-brainer photos will be shared here.

25 May 2011

Heated Eyelash Curler

Came across today a heated eyelash curler, another electronic gadget which I suppose an essential piece to my make-up kit. Obviously, these chinky eyes with short and not so curly lashes needs special gadget for a dramatic wide-eyed look. Back in the Philippines, I used to have the eyelash perm at Let´s Face It Salon for a relatively low cost of 250php/$5. And with that you can have your curly lashes for a month or two. Meaning, goodbye everyday manual curling. Couldn´t find eyelash perming in Brazil so as the necessity for a curler more advanced than ordinary ones.

Here are some of the choices I have that you may also want to consider if you feel like you have a need like mine.

Sephora $12

Avon $10

 Panasonic $12
Sephora $16

ModelCo $33
Takita R$129

24 May 2011

60s Frock

Today, lets get inspired with this 60s ladylike frock from Oscar de La Renta 2012 Resort Collection. A firm little black dress with a butterfly brooch. Cinched on the waist by a slim black belt.

Crochet Swimwear

The comeback of 70s style is huge in fashion lately. Swimwears didn´t stay away from the 70s with Crochet Swimwear trending now. Becoming contemporary with cutaway details, halter neck, statement straps and strings and white being the most popular. The complex stiches of crochet make it appealing to the eye taking away the attention from your body flaws.

But then, crochet swimwear does not serve its main purpose of swimming apparel. It´s not meant for water dipping. I never used a crochet swimwear but my experience with table runners, beddings and the like, crochet when it gets wet, deforms. Some without the proper lining will get transparent. Hence, crochet swimwear is mainly for lounging at the swimming pool.

...and that was just my opinion...what´s yours? Still, I want a white pair for me.

21 May 2011

Sweet Treat

Sweet treat from Sweet Cafe in Pinhal. Petit Gateau. A french sponge chocolate cake served hot with ice cream and icing. In other restos they call it lava cake. Got fixated with gateau since the time I discovered Sweet Cafe offers it. Like everytime I go to Pinhal I would drag my husband to the cafe so I´d get to be reunited with petit gateau. I just love the contrast of bitter and sweet taste of it. Eaten with ice cream and icing make it glorious. A scoop of ice cream, a petit cake, a drop of icing..hmmmm..I´m wondering how many calories it contains. Good luck to additional calories I need to burn.

 with a blink of an eye..i can finish it...lol!
also a must-try in Sweet Cafe..cheese bread with cheddar filling

Sweet Cafe is located in downtown, Espirito Sto. Do Pinhal Sao Paulo. A cozy and clean place, fast service, fair price, fresh bread, Verdict?..Best café in town.

19 May 2011

Neutral Maxi

(photos by Mark Iantosca of Stylecaster)

Inspiration for today. Neutral maxi dress paired with statement accesories re colorful ring and black quilted bag. Very light and minimal.

18 May 2011

Mango A/W 2011

MANGO had their fashion show in Paris yesterday showcasing its autumn/winter 2011 collection. Sequins, lace, glitters, red, animal print..that´s what they will offer next season.

Passione´s 1st Year

It´s my blog´s first year today! I´m loving it -  sharing my passion or anything that catches eyes. Watch out for more as Passione da Vida will keep on  inspiring you for the coming years. Thanks for following. Cheers to everyone´s passionate living!!! xoxo - Cecille

17 May 2011


As cheerful as the Brazilians around me. As bright as the sun in Brazil that shines the whole year. As striking as my husband´s looks (awwwww...lol.) Essie Nail polish launched a braziliant collection for summer 2011. Isn´t it fun?

Spring Basics - Zara May 2011 Lookbook

My picks from Zara May 2011 Lookbook. Spring basics. Wearable collection. Classic pieces in the closet that you can just pick-up and go.

Madison - 5-yr old Make-up Guru

Imagine your 5-yr old kid doing make-up tutorials. Meet Madison, a 5-yr old make-up guru sharing videos on youtube on make-up how tos. I´m impressed with her talent. Though she can´t blend make-up perfectly (hello? she´s just 5) she certainly knows where to apply certain make-up. Madison could have learned this from all her coloring books. She surely is a very young artist. Should I say a gifted child. I love her. She´s funny.

16 May 2011

Play Dress Up - Country Couture

Looking for a costume for your kids? At SM Department Stores Philippines now is a country couture collection that your kids can dress up to for their fantasy parties or day to day casual wear. Adorable collection!!!   Sweet and laid-back style that captures me.

13 May 2011

Off to School

Come as you are. That´s the dress code of the school where I teach. So I would always dress down. No high heels, no make-up, at the most just pressed powder and lip balm, no pressure. I would even go in shorts and slippers during hotter season. Dress to impress is definitely not the thing at school. Gone are those corporate days when suit has to be set at the very least a night before.

Got a little time to take photos today before going to school. Took advantage of the sun and the cold wind outside our house. (click photos for higher reso)

everything old..nothing is new

10 May 2011

Cowgirl Inspiration

Few days from now Albertina will have it´s annual Rodeo Fiesta. As seen from the stores in downtown Pinhal almost all of them are selling plaid shirts. You might want to skip that plaid part. Instead, create a statement look with Prairie pieces ( white ruffles, Broderie Anglaise, country florals).

photos courtesy of fashionising (elle russia may 2011 by david burton)


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