24 May 2011

Crochet Swimwear

The comeback of 70s style is huge in fashion lately. Swimwears didn´t stay away from the 70s with Crochet Swimwear trending now. Becoming contemporary with cutaway details, halter neck, statement straps and strings and white being the most popular. The complex stiches of crochet make it appealing to the eye taking away the attention from your body flaws.

But then, crochet swimwear does not serve its main purpose of swimming apparel. It´s not meant for water dipping. I never used a crochet swimwear but my experience with table runners, beddings and the like, crochet when it gets wet, deforms. Some without the proper lining will get transparent. Hence, crochet swimwear is mainly for lounging at the swimming pool.

...and that was just my opinion...what´s yours? Still, I want a white pair for me.

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