25 May 2011

Heated Eyelash Curler

Came across today a heated eyelash curler, another electronic gadget which I suppose an essential piece to my make-up kit. Obviously, these chinky eyes with short and not so curly lashes needs special gadget for a dramatic wide-eyed look. Back in the Philippines, I used to have the eyelash perm at Let´s Face It Salon for a relatively low cost of 250php/$5. And with that you can have your curly lashes for a month or two. Meaning, goodbye everyday manual curling. Couldn´t find eyelash perming in Brazil so as the necessity for a curler more advanced than ordinary ones.

Here are some of the choices I have that you may also want to consider if you feel like you have a need like mine.

Sephora $12

Avon $10

 Panasonic $12
Sephora $16

ModelCo $33
Takita R$129


  1. Hello, i was just wondering if the sephora/avon heated eyelash curler is available here in the Philippines and if it is, where exactly? Your reply is appreciated. Thanks :)

  2. Hi, unfortunately im already based in brazil when i discovered these products. Pls try to go to Beauty bar or PCX in glorietta or Rustans Makati...shopping online can be an option too!



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