09 May 2011


Diesel Pants, Zara Shirt, U2 Jacket Dumond Wedge

Just like college days (hhhmmmm...a decade ago) I´m back to wearing flare jeans. For quite a time I´ve been looking for a jeans that could fit me well.  Finally found one. Bonus. It´s flare. So if feels like the carefree days at the school when all I care about was how to pass accounting subjects. Back then, I would use rubber shoes with flare jeans. The most comfy option  when you know you would just be running to different classroms. Cecilia does no running anymore so is the preference of wedge over rubber shoes. Not only that. She is no longer that grade conscious student but rather a grown up who wants to add glam to every look she wears.

my hair is getting so long and i´ve got no plan of trimming it soon...should I?

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