08 May 2011

Fanta Natural

As much as I can, I avoid soda and prefer a natural fruit juice. This weekend I got fixated with carrot-orange-lemon juice which they call Fanta Natural. The recipe was learned from my husband´s aunties Vilma and Zenaide. The color was so enticing and really has the taste of Fanta Soda less of the gas and unnatural ingredients. A very healthy drink for all ages. Here´s the recipe:

3 large carrots peeled and chopped
1 large orange
250 ml lemon juice
1.5 litres of water
sugar to taste

1. Mix carrots and 1 litre of water in a blender until carrots smoothen. Transfer to a jar.
2. Blend the lemon juice and orange (with skin) in 500 ml water until smooth.
3. Mix the carrot juice and lemon-orange mix in the jar.
4. Add sugar.

Note: You may opt to filter the juice to make it smoother to drink.

Cheers to healthy drinking!

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