21 May 2011

Sweet Treat

Sweet treat from Sweet Cafe in Pinhal. Petit Gateau. A french sponge chocolate cake served hot with ice cream and icing. In other restos they call it lava cake. Got fixated with gateau since the time I discovered Sweet Cafe offers it. Like everytime I go to Pinhal I would drag my husband to the cafe so I´d get to be reunited with petit gateau. I just love the contrast of bitter and sweet taste of it. Eaten with ice cream and icing make it glorious. A scoop of ice cream, a petit cake, a drop of icing..hmmmm..I´m wondering how many calories it contains. Good luck to additional calories I need to burn.

 with a blink of an eye..i can finish it...lol!
also a must-try in Sweet Cafe..cheese bread with cheddar filling

Sweet Cafe is located in downtown, Espirito Sto. Do Pinhal Sao Paulo. A cozy and clean place, fast service, fair price, fresh bread, Verdict?..Best café in town.

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