28 July 2010


Women often crave for sweet-sour-salty food during their PMS. Satisfying my PMS cravings since I arrived in Brazil are oranges, a fruit that mostly bear during autumn/winter season. They are so accessible to me as we have them at our own yard. So when cravings set in, I can pick it from the yard and suck it (with salt) at its most fresh state. Never did I suck or drink fresh orange juice the as often as I can now. It is quite costly in the Philippines and we Filipinos choose ice tea over fresh orange juice more often than not. I remember my husband always ordering fresh orange juice whenever we eat out when he was in the Philippines.

On top of coffee, flipflops, and models, Brazil is also a leading country in citrus business. They are the largest producer of orange juice and 98% of orange export came from Sao Paulo.

Lucky for my husband 'coz when I get pregnant most probably it will still be oranges that will satisfy my cravings. He once said what if you crave for filipino fruit during your pregnancy?..Well, that's another story to tell.

14 July 2010


Sharing the making of new Maybelline campaign that is coming very soon. Modelling for Maybelline is Lisalla Montenegro. This latest Maybelline beauty is a Brazilian who signed a contract for the cosmetic company last April. Lisalla was also seen in the ads of Baby Phat, L'Oréal, Michael Stars, Rebecca, Target, UGG Australia.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisselle Bundchen and Adriana Lima of Victoria Secret campaigns are some of the most famous brazilian models. Brazil is not only the land of football, carnival and samba...there seems to be no stopping in leading the modelling industry. As the saying goes, there must be something in the water in Brazil.

13 July 2010


Admit it it ladies but at least once in your life you have slept with make-up on. Sometimes you arrive home from parties too lazy and sleepy to wash your face. Ponds cold cream is the solution. It can help remove all traces of make-up even those extra thick mascara and eyeliner (the most tough to erase). Slather on generous amount and gently wipe off with wash cloth or cotton and voila! skin feeling soft,clean and nourished.

Think of young looking Kylie Minogue and Cher, Ponds Cold Cream has been their long time companion. This one is really classic. It hit the shelve in 1907 and up to now continue to entice us.

Bought it for 15,90 real in Seducao Pinhal. Such a frugal beauty find.

08 July 2010


I always had my hair black and straight. Thanks to my parents for passing those genes to me. All members of the family have this kind of hair. I don't spend too much maintaining a shiny, black and straight hair. Aside from trips to the salon for hot oil which happens once or twice a year, my daily hair hero are pantene shampoo and conditioner and a hair serum to add both brilliance and fragrance. I seldom use the blower to dry it. Since yr. 2002 I do have my relax treatment to detangle every 1-2 yrs. Never did I attempt to get a hair rebond. It's just too expensive. When there is a special occassion that calls for extra beautiful or stylish hair thats when I use my 4-1 hairstyling tool. Sometimes its frustrating to get a curl with this tool. My hair can't get those perfect waves that lasts at least for the whole duration of a 4-hour event. This hair is also extra virgin to any type of hair coloring. Many times I've considered getting a different color but like all of the stylist I've asked advised NO. Trimming happens twice a year.

My secret to a low-maintenance healthy hair is not resisting its natural state. Curly is curly. Straight is straight. Blond is blond. Black is black. Get those hair treatments not for alteration but solely for enhancement. The next time you look at the mirror, accept and love the way your hair is flowing but make sure it is healthy..afterall, its your crowning glory.


Brazilians celebrate 32 RP movies

Funded by Centro Cultural Banco de Brazil

There’s more to the Philippine connection to this South American country than Brazilian-Japanese hunks Akihiro, Daniel and Fabio.

A retrospective of 32 Philippine films is currently ongoing in Rio de Janeiro, until July 15. The showcase goes to Brasilia on July 13 (until Aug. 1). Its first edition, in São Paolo, concluded on June 27.

Entitled “Discovering Filipino Cinema,” the retrospective was organized by young filmmakers/film buffs Raphael Mesquita and Leonardo Levis of Blum Filmes, with the support of Centro Cultural Banco de Brazil.

In an exclusive e-mail interview, Levis explained his fascination with RP cinema.

“Raphael and I have been following world cinema... reading international magazines and analyzing the programs of different festivals,” Levis related “In the last few years, we noticed a ‘boom’ in Philippine cinema, a subject we were unfamiliar with at the time.”

Soon enough, he said, “we became acquainted with the works of Brillante Mendoza, Raya Martin and Lav Diaz.”

They were eager to watch and absorb more, Levis recalled. “I wanted to see the newcomers, along with the ‘influential’ classics.”

They thought the best way to do this was to mount the three-city event.

“I was positively impressed,” he said of the films in the lineup.

He was “shocked” by Lino Brocka’s “Insiang” and Ishmael Bernal’s “City After Dark.” “I came to understand the importance of these classics vis-à-vis the new digital cinema. For instance, Brocka’s politics is actualized in the works of Mendoza and Diaz.”

He described the new Philippine cinema as “not always digital, but always personal.”

There is a need to reconsider the concept of a new wave in RP cinema, he pointed out. “Each filmmaker has his own definitive style — making the films [in the retro] different but similar at the same time.”

He is heartened by the digital revolution in the Philippines.

“It’s significant because it offers an escape from the restrictive commercialism of the movie industry,” he noted. “Filmmakers are allowed to make personal and experimental films, contributing not only to Philippine cinema but to world cinema in general. The Philippines is among the most advanced countries today in terms of fighting industry rules.”


Audience response to the Filipino retro, their debut project under Blum Filmes, has been encouraging, Levis said. “Brazilians are reacting very well to this unknown cinema. They’re asking how the reality and style of Filipino cinema can be related to that of Brazil’s.”

The retro also serves to highlight the two countries’ commonalities. “We share social values and ‘Third World’ dilemmas. But in Filipino movies, political and historical issues are turned into aesthetic and personal ones, while in Brazilian cinema, stories are a lot more self-centered.”

Next project for Blum Filmes is a retro of 40 John Ford films, the “biggest in Brazil.”

There are no immediate plans for a follow-up to the RP panorama, he said. “But I really wish that, with this showcase, Filipino movies will reach Brazil more often, making retrospectives like this less necessary.”

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By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:09:00 07/08/2010

07 July 2010


Vogue Brazilian Footwear 4th Edition was released early this month. The magazine is internationally distributed basically for the promotion of various brazilian footwear brand.On the cover is a model wearing Dumond Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I had my first pair of Dumond shoes 2 weeks ago. Back in the Philippines, I just used to pass their stores in Greenbelt 5 and Trinoma. Cheaper to get it from where it originates.

05 July 2010

3 July 2010 : First Year in Brazil

3 July 2009 when I stepped on the land of Brazil. It's been a year. The longest time I didn't personally see everybody from my family. Papa, Mama, Ate Cy, Carol, Cathy, Cornz and Carrie...they are the people I miss most. There were some nights that I would cry myself to sleep (especially on my PMS days). Tough it is.

I may have missed my immediate family so much but then here comes my husband's wonderful family. The Bacci's.

3 July 2010 we had our occassional drive to Jundiai Sao Paulo to spend weekend with relatives. There was a get together to celebrate Elton and Ellen's birthday. Bacci family is very small. Mom has 6 other siblings but only 2 of them got married, all the rest..spinsters..My husband has only 3 first cousins. Compared to mine, if I'm not mistaken I have 22 first cousins. They are not 100% Brazilian. Bacci is orignally from Italy. Great grandparents are Italian citizens that came to Brazil to join the booming coffee industry.

Call it an early retirement when I decided to leave the Philippines. It's been 365 days of being a full-time wife, doing part-time teaching and living a laid-back life in this very small city. I would say I have not yet adjusted myself very well to this kind of place. Population is 3200, surrounded by coffee farms, no malls neither a shopping center, no posh restaurants neither sports club, and no night-life. In fairness, there's one public school, 2 banks, police station, post office, hospital, and all other institutions that move everyday living. I am so used to Metro Manila where movement is drastic and everything is available. If we want to enjoy things the way I used to, the nearest city is 15-minute drive and the nearest metropolis is 40-60 minute drive (Campinas Sao Paulo). On the flipside, crime rate is very low making it a very secure place to live, clean, perfect weather, and friendly neighborhood. I know almost everyone.

Basically, everything is doin' fine. Boredom strikes every now and then. I miss working. I miss making my calendar full. I miss restlessness. With all that I have now...loving husband who always gives me his best, good relationship with mom-inlaw, owned gym and internet shop, big house, caring aunties and cousins, sleep all I can everyday..what more can I ask for?..and hey, the perks are endless..these are just some.
My permanent residency is still in process. I have not reported my marriage yet to the Philippine Embassy (but its my priority this winter break). I wish to be granted my visa soon so I can start planning my vacation to my homeland Philippines. I'm loving it here. So far I've got 6 pairs of brazilian flipflops in my closet which are seldom used. I would definitely not spend on them if I'm in the Philippines.


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