08 July 2010


I always had my hair black and straight. Thanks to my parents for passing those genes to me. All members of the family have this kind of hair. I don't spend too much maintaining a shiny, black and straight hair. Aside from trips to the salon for hot oil which happens once or twice a year, my daily hair hero are pantene shampoo and conditioner and a hair serum to add both brilliance and fragrance. I seldom use the blower to dry it. Since yr. 2002 I do have my relax treatment to detangle every 1-2 yrs. Never did I attempt to get a hair rebond. It's just too expensive. When there is a special occassion that calls for extra beautiful or stylish hair thats when I use my 4-1 hairstyling tool. Sometimes its frustrating to get a curl with this tool. My hair can't get those perfect waves that lasts at least for the whole duration of a 4-hour event. This hair is also extra virgin to any type of hair coloring. Many times I've considered getting a different color but like all of the stylist I've asked advised NO. Trimming happens twice a year.

My secret to a low-maintenance healthy hair is not resisting its natural state. Curly is curly. Straight is straight. Blond is blond. Black is black. Get those hair treatments not for alteration but solely for enhancement. The next time you look at the mirror, accept and love the way your hair is flowing but make sure it is healthy..afterall, its your crowning glory.

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