05 July 2010

3 July 2010 : First Year in Brazil

3 July 2009 when I stepped on the land of Brazil. It's been a year. The longest time I didn't personally see everybody from my family. Papa, Mama, Ate Cy, Carol, Cathy, Cornz and Carrie...they are the people I miss most. There were some nights that I would cry myself to sleep (especially on my PMS days). Tough it is.

I may have missed my immediate family so much but then here comes my husband's wonderful family. The Bacci's.

3 July 2010 we had our occassional drive to Jundiai Sao Paulo to spend weekend with relatives. There was a get together to celebrate Elton and Ellen's birthday. Bacci family is very small. Mom has 6 other siblings but only 2 of them got married, all the rest..spinsters..My husband has only 3 first cousins. Compared to mine, if I'm not mistaken I have 22 first cousins. They are not 100% Brazilian. Bacci is orignally from Italy. Great grandparents are Italian citizens that came to Brazil to join the booming coffee industry.

Call it an early retirement when I decided to leave the Philippines. It's been 365 days of being a full-time wife, doing part-time teaching and living a laid-back life in this very small city. I would say I have not yet adjusted myself very well to this kind of place. Population is 3200, surrounded by coffee farms, no malls neither a shopping center, no posh restaurants neither sports club, and no night-life. In fairness, there's one public school, 2 banks, police station, post office, hospital, and all other institutions that move everyday living. I am so used to Metro Manila where movement is drastic and everything is available. If we want to enjoy things the way I used to, the nearest city is 15-minute drive and the nearest metropolis is 40-60 minute drive (Campinas Sao Paulo). On the flipside, crime rate is very low making it a very secure place to live, clean, perfect weather, and friendly neighborhood. I know almost everyone.

Basically, everything is doin' fine. Boredom strikes every now and then. I miss working. I miss making my calendar full. I miss restlessness. With all that I have now...loving husband who always gives me his best, good relationship with mom-inlaw, owned gym and internet shop, big house, caring aunties and cousins, sleep all I can everyday..what more can I ask for?..and hey, the perks are endless..these are just some.
My permanent residency is still in process. I have not reported my marriage yet to the Philippine Embassy (but its my priority this winter break). I wish to be granted my visa soon so I can start planning my vacation to my homeland Philippines. I'm loving it here. So far I've got 6 pairs of brazilian flipflops in my closet which are seldom used. I would definitely not spend on them if I'm in the Philippines.

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