29 May 2011

Contemporary Knit

Knit (tricot in portuguese) is one of the best type of clothes that can make you hot during winter. Fortunately, I live in South of Minas Gerais, home of quality knits in Brazil. There´s a lot of factory around the region where knitwear are manufactured for distribution both locally and abroad.  Got tons of knit in my closet which mostly were gifts from brazilian friends.

Wearing knit could be tricky. You don´t want to look like your grandma. Today´s ensemble is a mini-dress from F&H Philippines paired with two different forms of knitwear. The pink one that looks like heavy (but actually very light) and the other, a cardigan cinched on the waist with a belt. As shown, knitwear as a top made my mini-dress a mini-skirt. The solid blue color added vibrance to the ensemble. Black pantyhose could be an ultimate addition to the ensemble after sunset.

Enjoyed this photoshoot. Location is quite lovely - Albertina Municipal Lake.

Acrila Tricot (pink cardigan), F&H Philippines blue dress, Dumond shoes

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