19 June 2010


I had my nth brazilian wax session this afternoon. A former officemate told me about it and I was once able to accompany her in one of her sessions. That was back in 2008, few months later I had my first brazilian wax experience. Since then I´ve been having it regulary. How regular? Every 2 months. Basically for hygenic purposes and its pornographic appeal for my dear husband.

Brazilian waxing is a type of bikini wax where everything is removed. Front, back and everything in between. It is seriously painful. In my case, I only feel the pain during waxing. They said that when you do it regularly it won´t pain that much. False. Everytime you do it, you feel the same intensity of pain (maybe ´coz I do it just every 2 months?). I´m not a hairy person so it takes 2 months to grow like 1/4 - 1/2 inch which is the ideal length for the wax to grab on to. You´ll not be accepted if your hair is not long enough. If it´s more than the ideal, your waxer will trim it before waxing. Unlike shaving, it doesnt get itchy when hair starts to grow.

In the Philippines, I´ve tried Lay Bare and Red Salon (Salcedo Village Makati). Between the two, I would recommend Red Salon with Ms. Fei. She uses hot wax and can finish it in an everage of 15 minutes. Yes painful, but only during the waxing. No blisters after and pain reliever´s not necessary. In Lay Bare they use cold wax and it takes them 40-60 minutes to finish. They strip the hair in small amount that´s why. It was a bad experience with cold wax. I felt more pain and it was prolonged. Need I say I had a slight fever after the session. The pain continued even after the session. I never came back. Red Salon costs 650 php while Lay Bare costs around 350-450 php (can´t remember very well but its cheaper than Red Salon).

When I arrived in Brazil, I always had it with Ms. Ediluesa, who has been a waxer for 15 yrs. She´s really good at it like Ate Fei of Red Salon. Ms. Ediluesa charges me 12 brazilian real which is around 250-300 php. Am so satisifed with her service. The same with Red Salon she uses hot natural wax and can finish it in 15 minutes. No blisters, no red bumps, no creams after. You can even take a shower right away.


1. Overcome your fear. The pain is actually tolerable when you have lots of courage.
2. Go for the same waxer so you won´t bare all for another complete stranger.
3. Do it regularly. The more you do it, hair growth becomes fine and waxing gets easier and waxing time decreases ( but still painful).
4. It´s better to get a talkative waxer so you wouldn´t even notice that she´s about to pull your hair. You just knew it when the pain comes. When you know that the hair is about to be pulled, it psychologically adds to your pain.

Happy Brazilian Waxing!

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  1. can't remember the last time I had it...but true, brazilian wax is the best! :D



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