19 June 2010

Waka Waka T-Shirts

The true sprit of World Cup involves making a lasting contribution - Shakira

Inspired by World Cup 2010 anthem, MANGO and SHAKIRA launched a solidarity t-shirts for the benefit of elementary education on South Africa. The design of the t-shirts represents the spirit, vitality and of host Continent. The project is also in partnership with UNICEF and Barefoot Foundation.

Barefoot Foundation is a foundation created by Shakira which aims to seek education and nutrition opportunities for vulnerable and displaced children in Colombia and the rest of the world, in order to produce citizens committed to peaceful co-existence.

One of the principal schools to receive the profits, and which has the support of UNICEF, is the South Africa East Observatory School, which cares for children who have been orphaned or displaced by war. The school has around 560 children, 60% of whom are orphans due to civil war, while 20% have lost one of their parents as a result of the AIDS virus. This school offers a combination of a quality education with social support and a daily school nutrition programme, reflecting the commitment of UNICEF and the Barefoot Foundation towards child nutrition and general education programmes. Once this project has been completed, any additional funds from this campaign will be donated to other school projects in South Africa.

A total of four t-shirts, two models for women and two models for men, bearing the printed slogans “Waka Waka” and “This Time for Africa”, have been exclusively designed for the occasion. The t-shirts has been selling in MANGO stores worldwide since June 10.

As we cheer for our favorite FIFA World Cup 2010 team, let us also support its cause and add legacy to this historic moment.

Where is MANGO store in Sao Paulo by the way?

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