25 December 2010

Feliz Natal 2010

My 2nd Christmas in Brazil, away from my family in the Philippines. Nevertheless, it was another happy christmas. My mother in-law's family got complete. For the longest time they have not been together completely. Imagine six siblings, each one has their own life, living in different towns (luckily they all just reside in Brazil) and at their late 50s to late 60s - tough to generate a perfect attendance in any type of occassion. I felt their home when they were all living in one roof with  their parents. Thirty years from now, I would love to be with all my siblings sitting together on a christmas dinner. Also, the mass we went to was very solemn. 3 long hours of celebration as there was a baptism of a baby boy. Something new to me, a christmas mass with a baptism. Fortunately, we were all seated and the chapel wasn't that full. It made us wish to have a baptism like that on the same chapel for our future baby. Aunt Vilma is serving there so maybe one day we'll be able to realize our dream.

Typically, brazilian christmas is celebrated with a christmas dinner at midnight of 24th and an exchange gift called "amigo secreto" is always part  of the celebration. The dinner is graced by roasted turkey and special ham called "tender" - a type of pork meat savored with peaches, pineapple and clove. Since it's a dinner, rice, other types of meat, salad, pasta and dessert are also served. The "amigo secreto" is quite fan. The revelation of the secret is done by giving a description of the friend while everybody tries to guess it. Often you get to see the impression someone had about you.

everyone has to open the gift and show it
my amiga secreta was mom!

finally got a replacement for his super old wallet

i really appreciate this way exchanging gifts..it makes everybody laugh

No christmas carolling, no 9-day "simbang gabi" (dawn mass), no godchildren to hide from, less effort on christmas decors.  As compared to Philippine Christmas, the celebration here is shorter and simple. But the same thing, it is a celebration of Jesus' birth, a time for gift giving (not so much though), family  reunion and a season of sharing hearts to everyone and parties with different groups that one has -office, school, church etc.

all i want for christmas is you

 A lot of Filipinos were not home for this season but shouldn't we feel grateful to have had experienced a different culture?  May you have savoured the celebration no matter what country you're in. When you go back to our country, Filipino Christmas will still be the same - very long celebration, a lot of togetherness with family and friends, food to enjoy, gazillion of gifts to receive and give.

Wait, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a new dress (at least for me..hehehe). Thanks to Julia Tricot Jacutinga for my paisley draped dress. Cortume for my chain belts and Dumond for my shoes.

Blessed Christmas to everyone!!!

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