08 December 2010

White Ensemble

As a tradition in Brazil, Reveillon or New Year's Eve is celebrated with people wearing white clothes. This is in honor of the afro goddess Yemanja (goddess of the sea). This is also the reason why a lot of Brazilians celebrate New Year at the beach. One of the biggest Reveillon party is in Copacobana beach Rio de Jainero.

New Year's Eve falls on a summer in Brazil. White is just the perfect get-up color for a cooler feel. Wearing white can be a bit tricky. You don't want to appear like someone from the medical field nor too holy. Material and details of the dress are the key to getting the flawless white ensemble. Plus don't underestimate the power of accessorizing. Any hue can complement white clothes but the best for me are gold and turquoise.

Below are some inspiration to make it a hit....

L - white lace dress R- tube dress shaped using a gold belt

white shorts on white top - belts made the outfit

sophisticated white ensemble for those having a formal party

L - white ruffled skirt on a basic white tank R - white casual dress paired with an ankle boots

white dresses complemented with accessories in bold colors red and yellow

I must start conceptualizing my Reveillon 2011 white ensemble. 22 days to go.

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