02 April 2011

FlipFlops and Kate Middleton

Am not so into the details of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. So happen that I´ve got nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon that I accidentally browsed through the royal wedding blog by yahoo shine. I´ve read bunch of articles and realized the pair of Havaianas I bought last January has the same designer as Kate Middleton´s engagement dress. And I was like..oohhh lucky me for grabbing a limited pair by the famous designer Daniella Issa Helayel. Maybe this pair is the most sought after flipflops right now in London.

Actually when I first saw this at the store. No brainer. I bought it. Purchased at R$ 36,90. Am surely keeping it for long. I felt like a princess!


  1. i like this style of havainas issa? i want to buy this? how ?

  2. i like this style of havaianas issa. i want to have it . how?



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