17 November 2010

Full Skirt

From Louis Vitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith etc., FULL SKIRTS graced the runways. Inspired by late 50´s to 60´s fashion and yes, they have found theír way back into fashion again. The pattern is like a full circle gathered at the top making your waist appear thinner. Hemmed at the bottom that falls right on your knee or below it.

So girls, you may raid your grandma´s closet now..for sure you´re gonna find lots of them in there. How to make it contemporary? Wear a top that is form fitting. You don´t wanna miss out those womanly curves. You can also wear a belt for an additional definition. To make it formal, pointy sky-high heels will suit it best.

This trend reminds me of my sister who loves wearing full skirt. The style is ultra feminine, grown-up and prim and proper.

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