29 October 2010


I´ve been wondering why can´t I see any TABITA store around the region. Yes I´ve seen their products redistributed by shoe stores carrying different brands. But with their beautiful designs and variety of product why are they not putting up a store that carries just TABITA footwear like the way Dumond, Arezzo, Via Uno etc do. I had my first pair of tabita sandals last year, bought in a shoe store in Vargenhia, I just love them. In Pinhal, Cortume sells TABITA footwear but they don´t have the complete line. I´ve learned that this shoe brand has a manufacturing site in Rio Grande do Sul. They can produce 3,000 pairs per day with the distribution of 70% local (Brazil) and 30% European market. 39 years in shoe business. Their prices are just fair, around R$ 80-150 a pair.

Above are my picks from TABITA´s Summer 2011 Collection.

Sigh. Where can I find them?..hmmm...might as well try online shopping. Quite afraid doing it online. Like I need to try the shoe first if it fits me well in terms of size, color and design. My brazilian friends, please advise where can I get them.

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