22 October 2010

Shopping in Jacutinga

I had a meeting the whole morning yesterday in Jacutinga that finished at lunchtime. I needed to wait for my friend, Thaty until 5PM so we can go home together on a car pool. How do you kill time in such situation? The best way is to SHOP especially when you know people manning the stores. You´ve got to huggle for big discounts. Three pieces with 30-50% reduction on its original selling prices.. My fab finds yesterday.

1. Yellow regatta - Fenix Tricot - R$ 20,00
2. Mini cape - Julia Tricot - R$ 40,00
3. Black Paisley body hugging dress - Julia Tricot R$ 57,00

These clothes were actually manufactured in Jacutinga (home of brazilian knitwear). Majority of the produce are ditributed to both local and international market. Some carry the same brandname, some manufacture them for famous names in fashion industry. A heaven for shopaholics.

Will post in the coming days look creations for the above items.

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