17 June 2011

Paltrow´s Pancake

 Today I served my hubby and mom-inlaw  Paltrow´s Pancake (recipe here) which was learned from Gywneth Paltrow´s blog. Unsual breakfast for them as the most common you´ll see on brazilian´s breakfast table are cheese bread or french bread, cake, ham and cheese and dark coffee. I made two types of pancake using different flour. One is unbleached flour as the recipe needed and wheat flour for a healthier eating. Best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it a night before then just cook it the next day. So this caters to all working moms out there who have no much time to prepare breakfast for the family.

basic baking/cooking technique - separation of wet and dry ingredients
 whisk enough to combine all the ingredients
ready to flip when bubbles appear  
 pancake using wheat flour
pour in 100% pure honey instead of maple syrup
breakfast table today at bacci´s home
my plate with nutella

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