13 June 2011

Paraben Free

I had this skin allergy on my ring finger which was diagnosed by Dra. Cipoli (a derma) as eczema. We were bothered by it considering I had no skin problems back in the Philippines. I thought my skin couldn´t just adjust to the detergent soap ( haven´t exposed to it that much, in Filipino way of living we grew up with a maid doing everything for us). To further know what causes the allergy we made a patch test for five days. Viola! It was mainly the rubber gloves I use everytime I do household chores. There´s another substance that got a reaction. Paraben Mix, a preservative the are usually found in shampoo, conditioner, lotion and the like. The allergy to Paraben is the worst of all. Meaning I need to give up using shampoo etc sold in supermarkets (most of them has this content) which I´ve been using my whole life. Though the allergy is subtle if I keep using them sooner or later it can get serious. Imagine having an itchy skin and getting those scratches. Geez. So I´m going Paraben-Free for 2 weeks now.

 products I needed to give up

paraben-free products. see, my routine got very simple

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