28 September 2010

Oil Control Film

Oily skin is really annoying. How do you get rid of it instantly?

The whole year in the Philippines, climate is hot. Hence, face gets sticky, sweaty and oily. Geeh,unwanted oil on the face. Disgusting. Now that am in Brazil, my face still gets oily (not as much then though). Unfortunately, I didn't find a store that sells it. I had to ask my sister from the Philippines to ship it to me.

Oil control film is like a handy hanky that you can grab anytime to wipe the extra oil on your face. Its color becomes transparent as a sign of absorption. An instant refreshing tool and ultimately supports acne prevention.

One of my beauty essentials. Priced at 120 php for a pack containing 50 sheets. Easy to bring along wherever you are going. Can be stuff in make-up kit, wallet, or even your pockets.

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