14 August 2011

Sunday Dessert - Passion Fruit Mousse

 Unlike Philippines, passion fruit (maracujá in portuguese) in Brazil is as common as banana. Meaning it is available the whole year round.  Musse de Maracujá is a usual Brazilian dessert and preparation is very easy . This is another brazilian cuisine that I would love to make for my family and friends in the Philippines. Here is the recipe,  originally in portuguese, thanks to my hubby for helping me translate it in english.

1 (12g) envelope colorless and flavorless gelatine
1 can condensed milk
1 can nestle cream
1 box passion fruit flavored gelatine
120ml concentrated passion fruit juice

1 medium-sized passion fruit
4 tablespoon sugar

1. Pour nestle cream, condensed milk and passion fruit juice in a blender. Set aside.
2. Dissolve flavorless gelatine in conformity of to its cooking instruction written on the package. ( Mine was to dissolve the gelatine in a 250ml boiling water). Set aside until it gets warm.
3. Dissolve the passion fruit gelatine separately in a 250ml water (neither cold nor hot).
4. Mix them altogether in the blender on a medium speed until all the ingredients are well  mixed.
5. Put in the fridge for at least half an hour to get the mousse consistency.

1. In a sauce pan, mix passion fruit pulp and sugar until thickened.

 passion fruit based on my experience can be stored for a week without spoiling.
the recipe can be substituted with other fruits but i would recommend philippine mango. the taste of the the passion fruit mousse is somehow like our mango in the philippines. baguio strawberries can be a great option too.

 shallow champagne glasses where the mousse will be set

  the blended ingredients before placing them inside the fridge

sunday dessert - delightful passion fruit mousse - the consistency is almost like an ice cream. the recipe turned out smoothly sweet.  that level of sweetness that will make crave for more. perfect recipe.
it´s fathers´day in Brazil - 2nd sunday of August..apparently, they don´t celebrate it on 2nd sunday of june

 today´s main dish i´ve served my hubby and mom-inlaw. baked pork ribs and luguine in red and white sauce (molho rosé)  that were complemented by the passion fruit mousse

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